You should come at once.

Such luxury is beyond my reach.

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I hope you have a merry Christmas.

Tomorrow's another day.

Griff bought me some clothes that I normally could never afford.

You need to stay there.

I wish I had eaten breakfast.

Don't worry. This won't happen again.

A cat may look at a king.


She broke her hand punching the wall.

Pull the trigger.

Fifteen is not a prime number.

It took all weekend for us to paint the garage.

I want to learn to swim.

Stop being a baby.

The lifeguard is ever ready to help others.


Which kind of music do you like?

Do you know the difference?

It looks ridiculous.

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It was sort of fun.

My parents are constantly arguing.

He became sad when he found out.


What has it been like to watch China change so drastically in the last 10-15 years?


I arrived in London.

Butler stomped on the ground.

It is important to have a budget.

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Avery needs to change his attitude.

She succeeded to her father's whole estate.

What do you hope to find?

Hein didn't bring his tools with him today.

Inspector Dan Anderson collected forensic evidence from the scene.

Mark left yesterday, you will leave tomorrow, and I am leaving today.

I won't let anyone hurt her.


That's the person who Hein's really interested in.

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Tell her everything you know.

These two have very little in common.

I'm not sure if Jock is ready.

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I'm going to ask you a series of questions.

He made himself immortal with a number of outstanding books about education.

That must be a big help.

Even though he was tired, he worked.

This is a chance one shouldn't lose.


You have made many mistakes.

How far is Boston from Chicago?

... Otherwise it is (or will be) hard to avoid a counterproductive situation.


He is too proud to give up.

Nobody speaks well of that politician.

I wonder if Vladimir was lying.


She had gone to the concert that evening.


We're dreamers.

This stone is beautiful. Where did you find it?

I'll take the next train.


I would accept be it small, be it big.

I updated my software.

Keep to your own line.


The project is behind schedule and over budget.


I wish that I had known.

He has just published an interesting series of articles.

A pirate commits piracy.


There are many old castles in Europe.

I ate half the apple before I noticed there was a worm in it.

You're an animal.

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He is a most brave man.

I'm perfectly normal.

Is it like you remembered it?

Izzy will be back for you.

I want to complain about the service.

Milner's cat is always waiting at the door when he arrives home.

I'll call my husband.


She's looking at you.

I never change my sleep cycle.

A Venusian day is longer than a Venusian year.

These states were united into one nation.

Green leaves are coming out little by little.


It's so stupid.


Some people eat sushi with their hands.

Elliott stared at Lonhyn with hatred.

I found a note on my desk, but I don't know whose it is.

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"How long till dinner?" -"Five minutes."

I felt a certain anxiety in my chest.

Life is a great mystery.


There is no man but admires her.

All those bastards do is complain.

What time do you think Clayton will get home?

I'm still a kid.

"So, you'll go out with me if I don't have to repeat a year?" "I don't care for 'what if' stories."


I met someone the other day that I think I could fall in love with.


Sofia and Kristin are in the audience.

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She is the chosen one.

We're in the same class.

I've never seen you dance.

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What do you have to do?


Just one slip and you'll be mistaken for a troll and flamed.

I don't give it to you.

Don't do such a thing in fun.

Piete never speaks unless spoken to.

This means nothing to me.

I am going to bed.

Just tell me it was an accident.


I live close to an old bookshop.

I've been trying to hack my way into the system.

It's a dull job to clean a bike.

We value our customers.

I only speak French with Ninja.


I can't wait to tell Sekar about this.

Congratulations, you just won a free cruise!

The probability, therefore, is, that the whole theory or doctrine of what is called the redemption was originally fabricated on purpose to bring forward and build all those secondary and pecuniary redemptions upon.

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How are you planning to do that?

You don't have to sit with Amy.

It is up to you to write to Alfred or not.


This is our baby.

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Shadow kept trying to call Johann, but she never answered her phone.

I've been injured.

What more can you tell us about Delbert?


I do not read his novels.


I'm warning you that you will be eaten.

Isaac was a quiet type who kept to herself and rarely interacted with others.

I'll call her for you.

Charles should be able to do that by himself.

I gave my plans away.

Did you have a good time on your trip to London?

I take it you've made a decision.


How can Jerome help Olson?

Cars are now available in a wide range of prices.

Is it possible to see Venus tonight?


I forgot to give him the message.


The old woman exited the bus.


Children can't drink wine.

Jack isn't here.

Is this radio yours?

The actual cost was higher than the estimate.

Chris may not want to stay.

Edwin told Pilar he had a lot of money.

Get down from your horse.

Friday the 13th is an American horror movie.

They've crossed the border.

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It's right next door.

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He is also writing a book.


I was late for school this morning.

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He is clumsy with his hands.


In 1964, Rev. King won the Nobel Peace Prize.


What is the average rainfall for July here?

We have a very limited stock.

Dr. Patterson communicated with a gorilla using sign language.

I somehow knew that that day would be like no other.

I live alone.

I think we'd better do what Gigi asks.

He asked me two questions.

Be patient and persistent. These things take time.

Everything is fine.

I want to find out if the warranty has expired yet.

She works in a call center.


When the heater in the barn fails, milk-flavoured ice cubes this entails.