He understood what his words meant straight away.

I'm not pulling out their teeth.

Dan didn't even give Linda some cash.

I wonder what's wrong with him. He keeps breaking his word these days.

I can tell you love Vick.

We knew it was all over.


The cops are searching for the missing documents.

Sofoklis likes jelly donuts.

Dirk arrived last.

It is a good practice to look up in a dictionary words seen for the first time.

It's not something I'd do.


I'd like to know if she's arrived.


Bomb-making criminals frequently have the motive of wanting public attention.

The more skills one masters, the greater contribution one can make to society.

Am I still under arrest?


This carpet is very long.

The contest was postponed on account of rain.

I called her a fat pig.


The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way.

The snow prevented his going out.

Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.

Mr Grey did not enjoy his job.

Do you feel well?

The Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies, established in 1960, is the legislature that holds the highest jurisdiction in the society of exiled Tibetans.

He had a shutout until the ninth inning.


I was hoping you might be able to show me how to do this.

Lou said he was frustrated.

Her hatred bubbled to the surface.


I warmed up beside the fire.

He used to come here for a talk on Sundays.

Hiroyuki forgot his shopping list and only got half of what he had intended to get when he went shopping.


It's going to be good.


Business is business!


You should change the sentence.

Casey doesn't like to talk about that.

Teresa is a girly girl.

We heard shots in the distance.

The wicked witch pushed her into the deep water.


He is weighted down with various cares.

We'll start again in the morning.

Hey pal. I just want to help you.

I tried to be calm, but finally I lost my temper.

My father never takes a long rest.


The cold weather has turned the leaves red.

Ravi was released from prison on Monday.

Tickets are priced at $13, $30, and $33.

Let's take the children to the zoo.

Good boys always tell the truth.


I don't want to lose.

I have enclosed your order form.

He reached into the case and stopped the pendulum.

Don't do two things at a time.

He is not the only one who thinks this way.

We can't get a hold of Sofoklis.

He got up the courage to ask her to marry him.


He will blow our party.

The hen has laid an egg.

I think you'll feel right at home here.


My lecture will be next Saturday, November 29,2014, at 10:30 a.m.

It is getting darker and darker.

It is raining cats and dogs.

You don't know what this means to us.

I already told you that she isn't here.

That photographer is really talented.

Dan was completely confused when he saw Linda with another man.


I'll need to make some more tests.

Parking prohibited!

I can't do it right now.


Look to the left and right before crossing the street.


I am after him.

Just tell them what you want.

There is no man but admires her.

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It has stopped working.


Please give me a break.

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As propellant blasts out of the rocket in one direction, it pushes the spacecraft in the other.

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Vice was here a while ago.


My daughter has grown out of all her old clothes.

What have you done to Jiri?

I forgot to tell you when to come.


I know neither of the two sisters.

I worked hard all day long yesterday.

Have you ever read the Old Testament?

You should not stick to your opinion.

They'll get over it.

My friends dropped by to see me the day before yesterday.

In our company the official language of business is Japanese.

We had to put off the meeting.

I swept the floor in the kitchen.

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Alvin promised Stagger that he'd pay back all the money that he'd borrowed from her.


Our team triumphed over theirs.

Japanese parents are not keen to talk about their own children.

I'm racking my brains to find a solution.


You never find yourself until you face the truth.


Baseball is a lot more fun than golf.

Where is my Mezuzah?

Jill got really mad.


They joined in the temperance movement.

We were unable to rescue Sri.

Just be patient.

I can keep a secret.

They left him for dead.

The author of the phrase prefers not to be identified.

The group was too large.

Right now, we have to find out what happened.

I had assumed Martin would be here today.

You told me that she was kind and she really is.

Siping's a good carpenter.


I wonder what Stewart thought of it.


I'm driving myself home.


We had some good times.

Elliott is hotheaded.

We recognized Sunil.

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Graeme avoids me.

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I came to Japan last year.

Nixon had run for president in 1960.

At the same period, in Queen Elizabeth's reign, the population of England did not exceed five millions and a half.

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I told Daniel what happened.

"What's the purpose of your visit?" "I'm a tourist."

They were yours.

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He likes music.

Personally, I like peace.

How do I get to the post office?


Maybe I should be ashamed.

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Little help did I get.

What was that alarm for?

No one will believe you.

We shouldn't judge people by how they look.

I understood what you meant.


I don't want anybody talking about me.


I had to let Tai win.

Roberta didn't have to speak. Mason did all the talking.

Were you planning to do something special for Grant's birthday?


We have almost finished our work.

Nineteen states voted in the elections of 1816.

The picnic was called off because of rain.

He is careless about money.

His composition was free from mistakes.


It's a little inconvenient.

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She made me swear not to tell.


I wish I had brought my raincoat.

My friend asked that I call the obstetrician because she was afraid the baby was going to be born too soon.

He is not as intelligent as his older brother.

Compare this with what is happening in Egypt.

The match last night was a tie.

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Hey man, I beg you - spray some insecticide behind the fridge.

You must always say the truth.

Did you know that Marla and Tal were dating?

We arrived at that plan out of pure desperation, but the book sold well.

Meet my new friends, Dan, Linda, Matt, and Rita.


You had better put on your crash helmet.

Are you going to shoot me?

Jared is the prettiest girl in class.

Draw a picture

He who is born in Brazil is Brazilian.