Eduardo was surprised.

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I think that's what happened to Claudia.


Are you people nuts?

He says "want" when he wants something, and "no" when he does not.

That's the reason I went to Boston.

A right angle has ninety degrees.

My luggage got lost.

I like the Occitan language.

He's the best man in his field.

I've got to tell him.

Micky must have spent a fortune on his new house.

Many developed countries are faced with financial crises.

Let's get real.


If you want to succeed, you have to try harder.

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Did you see Jorge while you were in Boston?

Water that has been electrolyzed is used to clean germs on precision machines.

There's still plenty of room for improvement in dictionaries.

She is unbeaten at that video game.

A boss can never become a true friend.

What on earth were you thinking, bringing him here?

You're surely going to forget it before we get to the house.

I'm sorry I interrupted you.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

They're not ready for us.

Do you believe our destinies are controlled by the stars?

Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Maarten knows that I don't care what happens.

Marla wants you to stay here with us.

Julian didn't take a bath for a week.


She didn't last long.

Wait a moment.

I'll check on them.

That student lives in that room.

It is bounded to the north by Lebanon, the northest by Syria, the east by Jordan and the West Bank, and to the southwest by Egypt.

It's like a dream come true.

In war, truth is the first casualty.


Lloyd and Jun just wanted to dance with each other all evening.

As for myself, I like spring very much. I never liked summer.

He failed in his business in spite of his efforts.

The Forensic Investigation Unit is trying to determine the cause of today's fire.

I left a message.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I've managed to persuade Kirsten to donate some money.

That's quite a theory.

Toss the ball to Dorian.

The animals living on a farm are the livestock.

He's looking at us now.

"What do you want?" "I just wanted to ask Sidney something."

The bill must be paid today.

The movement of the sun around the earth is an illusion.


The police looked into the records of the man.


Do people ever accuse you of being stubborn?


Let me see your driver's license.

The election was in November.

"You're here to pay your taxes?" "Not quite." "Gwonam! I thought you were on vacation!"


Rhonda accused me of lying.

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Mother goes to market every day.

When I didn't have any money, I only had a rug for a bed.

The quality of rice is going down.

I'm not done with him yet.

How long have you been learning English?

I suggest we get started.

She spoke as if she were my mother.

No money, no job, no friends. He was truly at loose ends.

This parade descends from an ancient rite.

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I didn't do too badly.

I've forgotten. Was House Lancaster's family crest a red rose, or a white rose?

Who told you about Suzan?

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We're kind of busy here.

My father walks.

Why's the door locked?

Valerie is a member of a secret society of scientists.

Dwayne wondered how difficult it would be to find a job in Boston.

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You should not break your promise.

"He's been sick." "Oh really, I hope it's nothing serious."

Guess who I am.

Karl never even noticed Lenny.

Every time I go there, I meet her.


I want to eat ice cream.

What did you expect to find?

I would like to buy.

President Truman had to make a difficult decision.

I liked that book.

Lindsey is only thirty years old.

Do you want to see your room?


The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.


Is that a valid reason?

It turned out to be the truth.

Dominick looked both ways before crossing the street.

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It is Rogue whom I want to see.

Pierette has never kissed Narendra.

She had no brother.

He always works hard.

There weren't any roses in the garden.


I really enjoyed that movie.


I'm already hungry.

I'm going to the beach. What about you?

Galen enjoys that.


You bring the bagels.

"I dreamed of you yesterday." "Seriously? And what was I doing?"

I really feel bad about it.


Ramadoss showed us his mother's picture.


Becky doesn't smoke cigarettes.


Malcom killed Leo because he was tired of seeing his name in lots of prayers.

Due to the intense sunlight, his back was sunburnt.

She is young and foolish.

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You know I'm not coming back, don't you?

They became very nervous.

That doesn't really make sense.

I love the sound of rain on the roof.

I guess I'll stay a while.

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This bread is fresh from the oven.

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I hate it here.

Clarence doesn't give up easily.

With that, you make our situation even worse.


Sarah lives in a poor neighborhood.


Who tried to kill me?


My name is Hopkins.

I have a pen.

She turned 16.

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Drinking coffee may help you stay awake.


The serial killer has bought six thousand bullets for his weapons through the Web.

This is probably for you.

Why would Ramesh do this to us?


If it hadn't been for the storm, I would've arrived sooner.

We bought a comfortable new armchair.

Sedovic would like Dean to be on the team.

Grant attacked Vicksburg several times.

Dad gave me a computer game.

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I like Kriton's idea.


Language creates awareness.

The holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges.

I didn't say I used to live in Boston.


You're going to need an alibi.

Can you tell me what to do?

The Bible is the great best seller of all times.


In my hurry I bumped into someone.


Are you suggesting I was the one who caused the problem?

It seems that he has something to do with the matter.

Willie believes Ramesh made the right decision.

Tahsin picked Jim up at the airport.

I'll have him mow your lawn.


I hate myself and I want to die.

Louiqa took a drink from his glass.

This won't work.


So you were never in love with me.


She is completely crazy.


Manavendra blushed a little.

She was the last person I had expected to see there.

Everyone wants me to go, but I don't feel like going.

Claire used a crowbar to pry open the door.

Keiko, do you have any buttered toast?


These people are our friends.

Lately, I have been busy so I have not studied at all.

We're proud of that.