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Decision makers like these use our services to grow their business and knowledge base. We successfully disseminated Patents and Data in 45 countries and across various technology fields.

-Rajesh Korpe / Managing Director of Spark Autometal pvt Ltd.

We filed 1 patent with the help from Disruptive Energy Solutions. We are also going to commercialise one licensing deal with the invnetor. Dealing with patents was never been easier.

-Jeevan Jadhav / Director of Manas Industries

We already filed 3 patents on the pallet with the help from Disruptive Energy Solutions. We at Manas Industries use this patent watch service. These patent alerts helped us to improve our pallet and to keep updates about new designs being developed around the world.

-Shivaji Kale / The Energy Efficiency and Management Centre (E2MC) at K. K. Wagh Institute

I need to pay constant attention in new energy savings applications. This Patent data provided very good insights into our field. Consultation on Intellectual Property by experts also helped to take further actions.

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