My GPS device was stolen.

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He cut down that cherry tree.

It is a small dog.

But you cannot understand. How could you understand what it is to feel old?

We made some squirrel-shaped cookies.

Frances wouldn't have been able to do that without Geoff's help.

I'd never do that with you.

We take a walk across the park every evening.

Adam did acknowledge that he was pretty competitive.

Let's attend to our work instead of talking.


It seems that it is getting warmer and warmer every year.

It's nearly closing time.

In my tongue, I learned with patience to express my faith and say: "Oh, Creator! Bless my parents, take, Allah, my sins away!"

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Oskar said he read a book about this ship.

Lawrence was humiliated by Val.

Walking along the street, I met the lady.


Isidore appears to be scared.


The ice will crack beneath our weight.

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He held his breath as he gazed at her.


I want to translate this sentence into Vietnamese.


What is the meaning of my life?

I think Ravindran can be trusted.

She knows who they are.

It's so depressing.

Allan was lucky and passed the tax accountant examination.

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Orangutans have been observed using sticks to pry nutritious seeds from prickly.


Masanobu broke some bones in his arm and hand.

This is something you can fix.

You are watching.

I wish we had a car.

The tank is full.

I need to find something interesting to do.

Marty has trouble talking to beautiful women.

Novorolsky has lots of money.

I'll ride with them.


The agent was able to squeeze a confession out of the terrorist.

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I've already been punished.

He failed in business.

You spend too much time in the bathroom in the morning.

Go get me another beer.

That was totally amazing.


I can't think of any other way of getting him to accept our proposal.


Celia didn't come until 2:30.

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India is a developing country.

The dog should be on a chain.

I have five friends.


People stood in queue for hours for the autograph session of the popular pop group.

Don't bring food inside the tent. It will attract animals.

My children have just finished their homework.

This warm weather is abnormal for February.

It's been almost a week since Rajendra left.


Do you know what color she likes?

It is said that prices are going to rise again.

Feed that some rice.

Is there a vacant seat?

She has great respect for her form teacher.

I feel lost and confused.

These tales have been passed on from generation to generation.

Let's just keep this our little secret.

Maybe we're related.


Steve and Sidney meet in downtown Boston once a month.

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We were in Boston last week.

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I am waiting for the store to open.


The secretary works on business correspondence.

Suyog won't be spending Christmas with his family.

He thrust the door open and marched in.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

My tailor is rich.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Panos has a workshop in his basement.

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Come on, hurry up.

I sat right next to Susanne.

We're trying as hard as we can.


Novo gave Andreas the first piece of cake.

Corn starch is good for thickening soup.

There's a party tonight.


That is why I came here.

I use "Yahoo" to browse the internet.

Stu and Ray weren't much help.

I don't need advice from anyone.

You don't deserve to live.


Rabin is helping Roxane clear the table.


I was very alarmed when I saw a stranger in my backyard.

Calm down, Tatoeba is not a girl, it's just a website.

Toothache is one of the worst pains I've been through.


Saumya wasn't sure what happened.

I read my horoscope today.

Why is Jeffrey acting so crazy?

I don't have time for this right now.

They took off after Kathryn.

Porto Alegre is a beautiful city.

Did anything out of the ordinary happen at school today?


Liza rolled up the poster and put it into a cardboard tube.

With time, everything will become clear.

He neither smokes nor drinks.


We've been horsing around too much; it's high time we got down to brass tacks.

There she stands.

It's technically illegal.

There was a sense of fear.

It's Jinny's only chance.

I am thinking of going to the mountains.

He drinks beer.

If you make a mess, clean it up.

It's probably Murthy.


The second document was a tough one to translate.

The police arrested her.

His conduct is open to criticism.


Ravi can't afford the kind of rent they're asking for.

Don't talk about it anymore.

He died without having made a will.

This happened more than three days ago.

Buying and consuming cannabis is prohibited by law in many countries.

I've had a very busy day.

I'll sit with him.

Keep it in mind.

Find out what hotel they're living at.


What are they waiting for?

We're going to have to have our house painted soon.

He rose from office boy to manager of the company.

My wife died of cancer.

I'm always lousy at starting conversations.

He was a wonderful man.

What's the minimum salary in Iraq?

She is bound to pass the examination.

How did Rudolph get here?

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I'll catch up.


Kristi and Maria sweat, seated in a sauna.

The meeting dragged on for three and a half hours.

That ATM at the supermarket, does it work?


There has never been a savior nor an immortal emperor to rely on.

We're bankrupt.

Hey, would you do me a favor?

It'll be crowded everywhere.

I think it a pity for you to lose such a chance.

Do you think I'm strong enough?

You don't need to study today.

If you're pretty, but single, then you're not pretty.

Is that good or bad for Stefan?


The teacher has given Tai permission to do whatever he wants.


Have you ever eaten teppanyaki?

The soccer tryouts are today.

A rebellion was brewing.

I can't be patient any longer.

Piece of cake!


Do you have an English menu?

She was always trying to provoke me into saying something I would regret later.

The fine isn't very high.

Better be careful, you're playing with fire.

You're a good cook.

It was careless of her to leave her umbrella in the bus.

I guess I lost track of the time.

In New York there are a lot of Japanese restaurants.

The government fell.

His views are harmful.

Emmet's theory appears repeatedly in these papers.


He is always willing to help others.

Ping is concerned about funding.

It was raining, so I stayed home.

She got hepatitis no wonder she is losing so much weight.

He seems very hard on me, but he is really a very kind man.