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Welcome to Wizzycard!
We've Just Launched For Beta Testing!

And we are so so so Happy to be able to share this moment with you!

Our Wizzards have been working hard for quite a while now in order to bring this magic little website to you! And NOW it is finally ready for your review!

As a starting point, we would like to invite you to browse the website and discover all the greeting cards that it has to offer, as well as customize them!

During the Beta Phase we are alowing each user to order for FREE 2 greeting cards, which will be delivered by our motor broomed Wizzards directly to your Friends or Family!


What is WizzyCard about ?

WizzyCard for Customers

Choose and Customize existing greeting cards

We've selected a large variety of awesome greeting cards from around the world. And get this: We add NEW ones every day!

Looking for something specific? No worries! We've created one of the best smart filters systems around in order to help you find exactly what you want.

Feeling Creative? You can put that personal touch to the card of your choice with a very simple and user friendly customization inteface.

Whatever you need, WizzyCard has the solution!

Share the Joy with your Loved Ones!

Have your pick!

Wizzycard for Designers

Create and Sell your own greeting cards

We're looking for creative designers to join our worldwide WizzyCard comunity. Our aim is to bring together the best creatives and provide them with a way to share their designs.

In order to help you, we've developed a unique web based application, which you can use to design.

You also get access to a unique profile page with all your approved creations, which you can promote on Social Media, as well as beeing promoted for free by WizzyCard.

You get paid on Each Sale your greeting cards make!

This is the chance of a lifetime!!!


Check out our most productive Wizzards!

New from the Magic Box! Check Out Some of Our Latest WizzyCards!

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