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Our discussion on news and newsrooms would remain incomplete if we do not discuss the most recent and fastest growing medium of online news. Online news can be disseminated through data communication between desktop, laptop&hellip

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Up-gradation of technology and rise of internet has given rise to a new form of media forum – news websites. Though their accessibility is still limited to computer and sophisticated mobile phone users, the medium&hellip

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TV Newsroom

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Television news today has become integral to shaping up of public opinion. Given the fact that the existence of the private news channels is just about a decade-and-half old, still it has come to command&hellip

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Now let’s find out how news is processed in a radio newsroom. The two major differences between newspaper newsroom, about which we have already studied, and radio newsroom are that the letter includes editing rooms&hellip

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radio interview


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The presence of the electronic media is about a century old in the case of the radio and half-a-century old in the case of the television. However, the impact of the television could be felt,&hellip

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Having discussed about the role of news in our lives and the role of journalists as the messengers of news, it is now time to understand how a raw piece of information is processed into&hellip

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columnists in India

Rise of the Columnist

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Opening of the marker has also given rise to a genre of column writers who are not beholden to ay newspaper. They are guest columnist with various publications and using technological advancements, their columns are&hellip

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