Jin agreed.

What did you really mean by that?


That writer is well known all over the world.


Could you read this for me?

We're both really competitive.

It took me more than a month to get over my cold.


I wonder what it could be.

I enjoyed myself very much at the party last night.

Sundar is a teacher now.

They'll come looking for Belinda.

They demanded severe punishment for the southern rebels.

He's an old friend of mine.

I love Italian food.


Can you get rid of that?

Mr. Ito is a highly educated man.

He was sitting up straight.

I don't want to be poisoned.

I want you to tell Elliott that you'll try to get along with him.

I don't think my life is easy.

He's asking for it.

Russ would like to speak to you.

Neal went up the ladder to pick some apples.

We'll meet Joel later.

She doesn't want to go to school anymore.


All the students are studying English.

I think insurance will cover it.

Hazel hasn't yet paid back the money he owes me.


The noise startled him.


We're suffering from an unbearable heat wave for the second week straight.

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Where were they born?

The boat is attached to the anchor by a chain.

Gigi nearly laughed out loud.

That was a stupid thing to say.

Of course, innocent people were released.


I will go with you after I have eaten my lunch.

Ham comes from the hind leg of a pig.

I rocked the baby on my knee.

"Are you sure you want to call the police?" I asked her.

Nicolette lives in an imaginary world.

Never have I seen such a thing.

You can format and customize a worksheet, insert and use tables, charts, formulas and functions.


Why did Judith spend time in prison?

My friends treated me to a meal.

They live in that house among the trees.

I'm against us forcing the child to go to cram school.

We're ready to begin loading the truck.

That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?

We've come this far, so we can't stop now. I don't want to backslide.

Your English has made gradual progress.

I'm not entirely sure.

No matter how bad you feel, don't give up.

An eagle is flying in the sky.

Graham was here at that time.

He is quite satisfied with the result.

She made a few vague comments about the matter.

Marty isn't satisfied with the result.

I took his side in the argument.

You're diligent.

You'll be quite safe.

Andrew got a letter from Santa Claus.


Lorien can be awfully stubborn.

He followed me along.

Who is the leader of the group?

If you push it, the door will open.

I don't have a problem with his attitude.


No matter how many times I read that sentence, I couldn't understand it.

I ate curry rice last night.

"How much money does Chip make?" "How would I know?"

For what?

This is the worst case of the measles I've ever seen.


I'll never forget what happened that night.


What do you think the weather looks like?

I thought she was in love with Justin.

Eileen cleaned the top of the table with a wet rag.

I'll say it one more time.

Lar showed the pictures to Urs.


We've got to move fast.

No one knew who I was.

A glass of orange juice refreshed me.

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from walking in the park.

I've just sent an invitation for you.

Here are the decisions we've come to.

He is very handsome.

What will happen in the future no one can tell.

You must keep your room tidy.


He turned up 30 minutes late.

Let's hope there is a next time.

We can handle it.

Where's Minnesota?

Does she think she's funny?

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

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Did you get the gift I sent you?


I have a high regard for the integrity of our mayor.

The husband accommodated his plan to his wife's.

I'm only a freshman.


You can travel from Osaka to Tokyo in an hour by plane.

The young rabbi often brags about his lineage.

We're taking care of it.

This town boasts a large public library.

There are many useful appliances in the hardware store.

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I should've tried something else.

I felt sorry for her when I heard her story.

I didn't ask you to come back.

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To fly big passenger airliners calls for long training and experience.

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Lou knows how to listen attentively.

I really like Jorge a lot.

I've lost my motivation.

Mitchell has been doing a good job.

Only a handful of people know the fact.

Something just came up.

How cool would it be if Obama grew a nice, thick afro!

What the hell is it with you?

Carl is putting on weight.

It's rainy today.

I almost felt bad for her.

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Ford won by one hundred-seventeen votes.

We're glad this all worked out so well.

They were born one month apart in 1970.

He boasts that he can swim well.

Peter's wicked.

Cats like catnip.

You mean nothing at all to us.


The cat crouched down ready to jump.

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Haven't you been to Tahiti?


Izchak promised to be here by 2:30.

Vasilissa put the skull on the end of a stick and darted away through the forest, running as fast as she could, finding her path by the skull's glowing eyes which went out only when morning came.

I got acquainted with her in France.

When I was a child, I spent many hours reading alone in my room.

The relationship between epilepsy and glucose metabolism was established more than 85 years ago.

He downloaded a software update.

I went all the way to see my doctor, only to find him absent.

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I lost my car keys.

I have homework to do.

He drummed nervously on the railing.

We must leave.

The window is closed.

Waiter, please bring me some water.

Jos kissed Sandra goodbye and left.

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I can't find him either.


Dave never told me why he was here.

She wants to marry a rich man.

Men are cruel, but Man is kind.

Evolution is a tinkerer and not an engineer.

In summer, people prefer the sea.


How soon can you leave?

We were very surprised to see Woody doing that.

John is a gossip.

Nobody could refuse their invitation.

Let the bird fly away.

I just want you to know that I really like you.

Performance and responsibility are not in their vocabulary; sloppiness comes as standard.

He expressed his opinion in a few words.

Julie told Benson to go back home.

I said I'd wait.

She isn't the best informed to talk about it.

Carole went out to his car.

The cat is not mine.

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Leslie doesn't get up early.

Have you ever visited a foreign country?

I met your girlfriend.

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She sheared a ewe.


It actually wasn't that bad.

She has got over her illness.

Does he have a family?

It's not so easy.

That's the part I don't like.