A New Era of Customer Experience.


Introducing NOVUS VIA, A device built with evolving technologies in order to enhance customer experience in retail stores and strengthen retail store inventory management.

Smart Shelves

Smart NOVUS VIA Shelves provide live over-the-shelf updates for inventory, delivering an uncomplicated and logical stream of data.

Smart Carts

Smart NOVUS VIA Carts connected with the application support real-time order generation & digital payments for faster checkout.

Personalised Recommendations

smart.store employs Predictive Modeling techniques to provide personalised promotional offers by observing consumer behavior and purchase patterns.

Cross-Platform Support

The application works consistently on any platform with a adaptive UI for a refined intuitive experience.

Proximity Marketing

The solution features proximity marketing by suggesting context-relevant offers as push notifications to users in the nearby radius.

In-store Navigation

smart.store is equipped with customisable and scalable location information maps through which users can conveniently navigate in-store.

Smart Parking

Parking Zones will be equipped with NOVUS VIA to dynamically alot vacant slots to arriving customers and charge them based on timestamps.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard for retailers provides varied categorical data visualised to help retailers in taking effective business decisions.

All in all, the solution is a blend of evolving technologies and a unique attraction to retail stores. It has the potential for further customisations and scalability.

Why smart.store

More than 40% decline in footfall

The retailers have observed tremendous decline in footfall in the past few years because of the upcoming e-commerce business.

Impulse to feel Product

The need for visual and first hand touch of the product is evergreen.

Time is money

Effective use of time and shopping convenience is the top-priority.

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