I don't know the ABC of business.

Having failed twice yesterday, he doesn't want to try again.

A banker's life is hard.


Yona Wallach had been a postmodernist two decades before the term "Postmodernism" was even conceived.

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I really, truly believe that.

He's a good kid - very quick on the uptake and he does whatever needs to be done.

In Christianity, Jesus is believed to be the son of God.


He was plainly not envious of the openly wealthy.


That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

Jinchao will never forget Eva's kindness.

I asked her out, but she said no.

Can you drive them here?

Looking out of the window, I saw a man standing near the door.

I grind my own coffee beans every morning.

A red dress made her stand out.


Even Gill is intimidated by Isidore.

Let's take the Intercity-Express.

I have a normal eyesight.

I will get it back from Spudboy.

Syun was praying.

I've only just begun.

Japan depends on the Middle East for 70% of oil it consumes.


I thought maybe that would be enough.

It was disappointing to hear about the privatization of Chilean copper.

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for the health.

How long did Loren say he planned to stay with us?

They would not surrender.

You are very kind to me.

Dan didn't even try.

Nothing is so pleasant as travelling alone.

It's the first step.


Also visible during a total solar eclipse are colorful lights from the Sun's chromosphere and solar prominences shooting out through the Sun's atmosphere.

Think about it.

Hurry up and you can still catch your train.


Have you told Norbert about the new car you bought?

I do not know if I will be on Skype for a while.

Riding your bicycle to work every day should help you get back into shape.

Her CDs are not bought by young people.

You've been following me. Why?

Newton's Third Law says: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

Just what is it you want from me?


Have you told Shel this?

I'm just a hindrance.

I've brought you a gift.


No one fights with us any longer.

There's no rush to get married.

The evolution of dinosaurs interests me greatly.


I don't have much money on me right now, but my card has some on it.

The company is equally owned by the two groups.

Cris ambushed a policeman and killed him with an ax.


Do you want to buy this?


Do you play chess?

What do you say we go skiing?

Liyuan drew the shortest straw.


I'm not a drunk.

I doubt if it'll snow.

Hillary thinks he knows why Ric decided to become a nun.

She is hard on him.

Please give my proposal one more chance.

Children grow very quickly.

Wendi always wears blue shirts.


Have you decided what you want to order?

The lion jumped through a burning hoop.

It may just be a matter of time.


He didn't stop the car.

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You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

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I was in prison for three years.

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He turned on the speakerphone.


You've done it.


I consider it my duty.

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Metin and Leslie both stopped eating.

You can wear your undershirt.

Nowadays parents treat their children more as equals than they used to and the child is given more freedom to make his or her own decisions in life.


I saw her take it.

We're speaking English.

The socially needy receive an additional allowance.

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My questions were met with a frosty silence.


The hat on the desk is Jose's.

Let me know when you hear from Tran.

The miners did not want to fight.

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Saumya filed an access to information request.


The accident wasn't your fault.

Buses always come in threes.

The farmer longs for the day when the grain ripens.

One word to those who understand it is worth more than a whole speech to those who do not understand it.

We have no choice but to do so.


I suppose that's why you don't like me so much.

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Don't you just hate this kind of movie?

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He placed his hand on my shoulder.

You are deceiving yourself.

He could manage a week's holiday.

He was walking in front of me.

The dancer's graceful action charmed the audience.

Naim still writes to me from time to time.

When did Hitoshi come back?


I do not drink coffee.

The traffic lights were all red.

He was humiliated by her.

Please don't let me interfere.

I've told them all that I was sorry.

There has to be something here.

Put on your skates, I just waxed the woodfloor.

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The loaf of bread was so fine that nobody could even describe it, for only in fairyland does one find such marvelous loaves.

I never want to see him again.

The Russians won, as everyone expected.

Straka will probably never forget this.

Whose pencil is this?

He studied as hard as anybody in his class.

Don't trust him with such a large sum of money.


This doesn't help.

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We're not home right now.

He is a very good batter.

Temperatures at the North Pole have hit a record high.

She tore the letter up after reading it.

Pray tell your sister that I long to see her.

I may have caught cold.

I'm not afraid to try.

I didn't come here for him.

I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

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A new difficulty presented itself.

I'd like to speak with him.

I'll give you this.


I can't do anything tonight.

We have two tall players in our baseball team.

They want to speak to you.

Typhoon No.9 is approaching Shikoku.

How old was Beckie in this picture?


Don't come to the meeting!

It's unauthorized.

Everybody laughed at his error.

We headed back having taken each other by the hand.

I am exhausted with toil.


I expect her back by six o'clock.

Only plagiarism was missing to him!

Does Shane know how to ride a horse?

I'm very sorry you're so unhappy.

Everyone agreed with this idea.

What a beautiful baby!

Jorge and Sarah aren't doing very well.

Never pass up a chance to have sex or appear on television.

Her bathing suit attracts our attention.


We Japanese live on rice.

We treat you friendly and with respect.

I took the 10:30 train, which was ten minutes late.


I was surprised when Roxanne asked me to the dance.

Isn't that where I taught you how to water ski?

It is said that women live longer than men.


I don't think Rajendra will be here today.


It's so hot outside, you could fry an egg.

The company incurred a deficit of $400 million during the first quarter.

I need somebody I could entirely trust.


You should cut off your connections with that group.

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He shows no mark of progress.

There must be another way we can help Alvin.

Kirsten hesitated for a second.