Instantly transform and liven the mundane text messages with ease using the custom images, photo texting, and other features.




Chat Winks Quick Winks Custom Winks Photo Winks
Pretext messages for the ones who want to send a quick Hello, WhatzUp, Luv U no more fumbling for words, use pretexts; a faster, lighthearted, and easier way to express your thoughts and stay connected.
  • Pretext xpressions
  • Unique Emojis
Dynamically personalize your text on a variety of vibrant custom images and send as Winks.
  • Experience text typing on the image
  • Choose custom winks to xpress your feeling
  • Send text along with the custom image
Text on pictures and camera shots with ease and convey your thoughts instantly. Experience a new way of sharing pictures, while you still maintain your thread of communication. Increase/decrease and rotate your image as well as the text; also choose your own text color.
  • Share images from camera and gallery with text on it
  • Xpress through fun filled text colors
Send million messages to your friends anywhere in the world as long as they have XWinks installed, avoid local and international SMS costs.
  • Have convenience of the old stand by
  • Send unlimited free text messages to any XWinks user


XWinks is a messaging App which allows you to dynamically personalize your text on custom images. It is a unique way of Xpressing yourself.
It's a FREE app, FREE for a whole year!!! No longer be burned with local and international SMS charges from your carrier.
After installing the Application, you can register your mobile number in the registration screen. For which the app verifies the authentication based on a verification code. After successful registration you can enjoy the XWinks messaging experience.
Yes, It will work on any smartphone which has the Android (2.3.x and above) and iOS(6 and above).
Register yourself with the app after installation. Look for contacts in your XWink contact list who already have XWinks installed in their device. If you find XWinks users in your contact list, Just select the contact number, click on the Wink button and start winking. If you have no contacts using XWinks, send a request to any contact in your phonebook to install the app.
A contact can be added by sending an Invite to that contact. You can do that from here Compose/Send screen -> Contact List -> Add. Using which you can do an invite to one or more contacts at a time.
You can send a broadcast message to group of contacts by selecting multiple contacts in the app contacts list.
When you wink, the status of the wink changes from "Not Sent" to "Sent" to "Delivered" when received on to the recipients device. If for some reason the message did not reached the recipient, then it remains on the status where it is at (not sent, sent)
With XWinks you can keep track of all the winks received, but you cannot save it separate of the App.
With XWinks you have the option to delete the messages one at a time or you can delete multiple messages at the same time.
XWinks doesn't provide you with the option to auto-recover deleted messages.
XWinks gives you a new feature, where you can choose an Image from the Gallery or a camera shot from the Camera, and the XWinks compose area will provide you the option to add Text of your choice with awesome colors and send it in your conversation.
Yes, XWinks gives you the option to configure Auto-download updates, As and when a new update is released, the application will get updated automatically based on the connection - Wifi or 3G/4G