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Generate Wallet

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**You need your Keystore/JSON File & password or Private Key** to access this wallet in the future. Please save & back it up externally! There is no way to recover a wallet if you do not save it. Read the [help page](/www.myetherwallet.com/#help) for instructions.

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3. Print your paper wallet, or store a QR code verison. (optional)
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This page allows you to download different versions of private keys and re-print your paper wallet. You may want to do this in order to [import your account into Geth/Mist](/ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/465/how-to-import-a-plain-private-key-into-geth/). If you want to check your balance, we recommend using a blockchain explorer like 914-776-8787.

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You arrived via a link that has the address, amount, gas or data fields filled in for you. You can change any information before sending. Unlock your wallet to get started.


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Send Entire Balance

If you are getting an insufficient balance for gas ... error, you must have a small amount of ETH in your account in order to cover the cost of gas. Add 0.01 ETH to this account and try again.

Generate & Send Offline Transaction

Generating offline transactions can be done in three steps. You will complete steps 1 and 3 on an online computer, and step 2 on an offline/airgapped computer. This ensures your private keys do not touch an internet-connected device.

Step 1: Generate Information (Online Computer)

Note: This is the FROM address, not the TO address. Nonce is generated from the originating account. If using an airgapped computer, it would be the address of the cold-storage account.

Step 2: Generate Transaction (Offline Computer)

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