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Del's fears were well founded.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.

He counts fast.

Wendi bought his magic wand at a magic wand shop.

We couldn't find Brendan's contact lens.


The wind may change direction.

Could you do me a small favor?

Six to five for the viewers!

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What's the maximum capacity of the food processor?

She remained behind because she was walking very slowly.

Naresh was in a wheelchair.

That rings a bell.

I'll get some drinks.

I want an answer.

What in the world are they saying?!

I know the area.

I discovered that she was better at math than I.

I'm in the bathtub.

Do you have any idea who wrote this book?

Deirdre just wants to be with Vic.

Where do they come from?

Legislators in the Diet are struggling to find a solution to the problem.

You should order in advance.

Are you still around?

My father is out. Shall I tell him to call you back?


This old vase is valuable to me.


How much money you would like to withdraw?


George died unexpectedly.

I knew it was Vladislav's handwriting.

As I checked your delivery that I received, I found it included a T-shirt which I did not order.

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Give me a room near the elevator.


He stretched his arms and welcomed us.


Do you want to see what else I've got?


Who is the author of the novel?

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Your party doesn't answer.

Annard is no longer living in Boston.

How did you enjoy the play?


I feel awkward about asking him again.

Leo has a daughter named Luis.

Danger is dangerous.


If I die, I want to die a virgin.

I was wrong all the same.

She curled her hair with curlers.


He is arriving shortly.

What time did Vladislav tell you he'd be arriving?

In his fantasy, he imagined he was a famous writer.

Lance can't wait until next week.

Luckily nobody got wet.

What Brooke said made sense.

We live together.

We met on a blind date.

Give me your arm.

They're late.

Christopher said he was appreciative.


Vern came to see us a few days ago.

We can not do without water even for a day.

A lot of soldiers were killed here.

I used to stay up long into the night.

We've been having good weather.

I've always been interested in science.

I'm undressing.

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No, I am not from the United States.


He was fired for being an incompetent worker.

Shutoku apologized for not having told Daryl sooner.

Now watch this.

I am not made for politics.

The monkey climbed up the tree.


Allen smiled and said goodbye.

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.

Nici checks his blood pressure twice a day.

It meant a lot to me.

I just don't want to do it again.

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The motion was carried by a show of hands.

Don't you read the tabloids?

He's really sensitive to heat and I'm sensitive to the cold. What should we do about our bedroom?

Ask freely.

You don't have to play outside in the biting wind.


Christophe was wearing his pajamas when he opened the door.

Marian signed a waiver.

Everyone's gone home.

A state is made up of individuals who compose it.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

The richest 85 people in the world are as wealthy as the poorest half of the planet's population.

None of the girls are students.

Spencer has worked really hard.

We'd better get inside.

Vidhyanath Jackson has set a new world record.

Could you verify that your computer is plugged in?

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I'm not used to having people question my decisions.

There's a tiny amount of milk left in the bottle.

I need you right now.

Don't sneak out of the concert!

That's for me to decide.


I thought you didn't approve of Josh dating Colin.

I've done my job.

That's an offensive question.

He's not really ill. He's just a malingerer.

I'm brave.

We almost didn't make it to the church on time.

Mechael and Mechael take turns taking out the garbage.

Thank you, this will do.

I know.

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I'm going to go outside for a while.

No one was ever able to solve the riddle.

Religion is the opiate of the masses.

I think I have a lot of plaque build up.

Rajiv is the night watchman.

They abandoned the ship.

You stay out of this.

I only have one condition.

Eduardo never explained why he was late.


Marion says he's good at cooking.

Taurus couldn't find his shoes.

I rode the elevator to the third level.

I can't stand arugula or any bitter greens.

He was absent for a matter of ten days.

Let me tell you about her.

The German national team dismantled Portugal.

He whispered "I love you" into my ear and then kissed me on the cheek.

He didn't pay her any visit.

Fighter jets were ordered into the air.

Claire is a slow eater.

She practices the piano in the afternoon or in the evening.

Yesterday I finished studying Esperanto on Duolingo.

Those got the last piece of cake.

Dictator's fall will upend political landscape.

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I want to sleep.

I don't know how he can live with himself after what he did.

He was seeking to do well at school.

Do you know what you need?

Ro often gets ear infections.

English is not my mother tongue, either!

Geoffrey didn't have any family.

Suyog wasn't as hungry as I thought he'd be.

Winnie's office is dark.

She used to help him with his homework.

I'm not going to marry him.


Are things going well?

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Don't get excited about such a thing.


Although it is not a bad thing in itself, in a lot of cases, many people are watching too much television.


I owe it to my parents that I am so healthy.


Because of his bravery, I had confidence in him.

We're out of tea.

I was the only one who knew where Charleen had gone.


People are afraid of war.

Raja would have a big problem with that.

She recollected the first day when she went to school.

Is Joe hot?

Would you lend me that book?

How else can he act?

Shakil fell asleep sitting up in the chair.

Cindie tried to tell Sarah how he felt.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at.


What a great place!

You require medical attention.

Siping seems impatient.

Kathleen unlocked the safe.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you some questions.

That sounds like a good idea.

Why would he want to keep us here?


Child as she was, she was brave.

I noticed her the moment she got off the bus.

Did Micky really want Tuna to do that?

Be so kind as to help the old.

This is the second longest river in Japan.

She's gone on a trip.

I'm anxious to know the results of the blood test.