TweetBeam Twitter Wall Knowledge Base

TweetBeam is a one-of-a-kind Twitter Wall. By focusing on great visuals, we dare to say it’s the most engaging way to display Tweets around a certain event or topic of interest on a big screen. Enter a topic of your interest in the space below to see what people around the world are sharing about it on Twitter. Then press the full-screen button and enjoy the experience as the latest relevant Tweets are being loaded and displayed one by one.

Dashboard for advanced control

5038490351 to access your personal dashboard where you can create and manage your own TweetBeam Twitter shows. Set up advanced filters, search parameters, and more.

TweetBeam for Events

Display TweetBeam on a big screen at your event to engage with your audience. A Twitter Wall will entice visitors to your event or business to Tweet about it, since they want to be part of the display. This means there will be more online buzz, resulting in more Twitter followers learning about your event or business! We’d love to work together with you to create a TweetBeam show with custom branding, as we did for Ernst & Young, rock band Incubus, Disney and others. 573-376-9613.

Frequently Asked Questions

TweetBeam offers automatic filtering, are there any filters you suggest?

A: Yes, we have a list of common vulgarities in English available. You can ask your account manager to add this filter to your show.

Can I search from multiple hashtags?

A: Yes, to do so simply separate your hashtags by OR. For example, the search #2015 OR #2016 will show all tweets containing either #2015 or #2016.

Do I have to scroll over posts to have them shown larger?

A: To have your show automatically highlight posts, simply don’t move your mouse pointer (or move it to the side). Newest posts will always be shown first, and if no new posts are available an older post will be shown.

Will user profile pics show up instead of the Tweet Egg picture?

A: Yes, all tweets are accompanied by the user’s profile picture. Even better, when a user posts a picture, that will be shown instead.

Can I show tweets from a specific period of time?

A: Yes, to do so use the since:YYYY-MM-DD and until:YYYY-MM-DD operators. For example, the search #amsterdam from:2015-03-12 until:2015-10-01 will show all tweets with #amsterdam sent between March 12th, 2015 and October 1st, 2015.

The show seems strange when projected on a second screen from my desktop, anything to improve?

A: This can often be solved by adjusting the resolution on your second screen. If that does not help, contact your account manager for personalized support.

Will I be able to use one licence on multiple devices and at different locations?

A: Yes, it is possible to use one licence on as many screens as you like at different locations.

Do I need to install any software to use TweetBeam?

A: No, TweetBeam works in your browser, so all you have to do is open the link to your show.

Can I set up my show if I do not have a Twitter account?

A: Yes, to do so contact us at and we will help you set everything up.

Is there a way I can speed up the time the tweet stays on the screen?

A: Yes, we can speed it up for you.

How many hashtags and topics can I have?

A: Our standard shows allow for up 7 different hashtags/topics, but we can add even more when needed. To search for multiple hashtags, simply separate your hashtags by OR. For example, the search #2015 OR #2016 will show all tweets containing either #2015 or #2016.

If I enter a hashtag, do I have to use “#”? (e.g. #website instead of ‘website’)

A: When you enter a hashtag (e.g. #website)- results for only #website will be displayed. If you enter (‘website’) – @website, #website and ‘website’ will come up.

Do the tweets populate automatically to the screen dimensions of the browser, or can it be set at 1920×1080, 1280×720 etc?

A: TweetBeam shows automatically resize to the dimensions of your browser, so you won’t have to do anything to set this up. Simply open the show and you’re ready to go.

What is the standard time between highlighting of tweets? Can we change this?

A: The standard setting is one tweet every 10 seconds, we can change this to a different time if you’d prefer. To do so, contact your account manager.

Is the ‘Tag your Tweets with #…’ box a feature of all TweetBeam show. Is there a way of removing this once we purchase our license?

A: We can remove this upon request, simply contact your account manager to do so.

Will the ‘free version: for private use’ message be removed after we purchase our license?

A: Yes, this will be removed in all packages.

Once we purchase our license and we have our TweetBeam in place, will any other messages or logos feature on TweetBeam?

A: No, only “Powered by TweetBeam” message in the Standard package (which can be removed by purchasing the Gold layout).

Would it be possible to display TweetHeam throughout the event without having a laptop directly connected to it?

A: Any screen that can display a web browser will work. Otherwise, we might be able to use a device like Chromecast.

How long would it take for us to set TweetBeam up for an event?

A: We like to start your set up at least one day before the event, but if needed this can be done quicker.

I’ve just opened a new show and most background tiles are filled with similar tweets. How can I solve this?

A: When the show is opened, it divides the background tiles evenly over all approved posts. For example, if only 2 posts were approved beforehand, each will receive half of the tiles. Posts that are approved after the show is opened only receive one tile.

There are two ways of solving this issue: you can choose to refresh your show once you have approved more posts (so the distribution is done more evenly) or simply wait until more posts come in.

When someone changes their profile picture in Twitter, how long will it take for the new profile picture to be shown in TweetBeam?

A: The short answer is within 24-48 hrs. The longer (and slightly more technical) answer is that it depends on when the cache (short term memory) of Twitter and TweetBeam is cleared. This usually happens once a day for either, so depending on the timing it will be 48 hours at most.

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