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muay thai in Thailand


Four hours a day training, buckets of sweat and the feeling of complete exhaustion only to be complemented by the runner’s high that comes with intense physical exercise – this


I’ve first heard of Camino de Santiago when I watched the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Maude has previously done a small part of it with her sister.

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We just bought new bikes and were looking for our new adventure. It was cold in Montreal again and we wanted to be somewhere warm. We watched some YouTube videos

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Often we think traveling the world means going as far as possible. Indeed, the further either geographically, either culturally, the more adventurous it sounds. It definitely attracts our attention the

Travelling light – what it is all about

Our fun challenge when we pack is to pack lighter than the other! We’ve been downsizing our backpacks throughout the years and travels. Nowadays, if it’s for a weekend long,