They jumped into the water one after another.


You don't know who you should ask.

What's all the fuss about? Damned if I know!

The shop was crowded with young people.


We're trying to teach Frederick basic problem-solving skills.

Vanguard 1 was the first spacecraft to use solar cells. It's the oldest artificial satellite still in orbit around Earth.

This problem is not so difficult that you can't solve it.

It's completely illogical. It wasn't as if I was shouting outside while drunk.

I really appreciate it, Christie.

Is there anything special you want to do this weekend?

Why do you blame me for what happened?

Does anybody have a kleenex?

It didn't seem real.

Jackson is Alan's mother's maiden name.

Great was her joy when her son returned back safely.

He is quick of temper.

Whatever you do, don't ever press this button.

Are you unable to see properly?

Sorrel should be scolded.

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I can't draw, but my sister is a great artist.

I had my photograph taken by my father.

Follow me! Let's go into the other room.

Oh, if only we could be as shy and timid in our shameful actions as we are in our proper ones!

I'd like to marry a girl who likes to play video games.

He will stay in Tokyo for several weeks.

We're overworked.

I have been teaching English these five years.

You're twisting my words.

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I can't find my glasses anywhere.

We enjoyed playing chess last night.

It took Kenton several hours to assemble a bunk bed that the instructions said would take less than an hour to assemble.

Lawrence and Les exchange an amused glance.

Jacques was surprised by Antony's comment.


You can't take it with you when you die.


Can you really blame us?

I'd like to hear what you think.

I wish I were as rich as he.

Theodore could've talked to me.

I really didn't expect Saify to succeed.

The second button of your shirt is coming off.

We're adventurous.

English is a kind of universal language.

I called his office again and again, but no one answered.

I'd like to try on shoes other than those.

There's something true in what he says.

I'm trying to help him.

I want to look like Kanthan.

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Prove that you love me.

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Did Rudolph say anything about going to Boston next week?


Smart people learn from their mistakes.

Could you help me wash the dishes?

Have you already had breakfast?

I'm looking for someone to create a website.

Excuse me. I must use the powder room.


I think I can find my way.

There seems to be no one willing to help.

I don't want them getting upset.

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Ken isn't afraid to die.


He likes tennis rather than basketball.

I like it, but I don't love it.

Clare never gave us a chance.


Attention is focussed on the potential for growth of the personal and industrial use garbage compactor market in relation to trends in law.

Marcos sat at the bar drinking by himself.

Mitch tried to explain his idea to Vilhelm.

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We need both.

My papers were in that box.

I only saw him once.


I was just fooling around.

These German translators are so unproductive, Tatoeba should delocalise production to Asia!

What a strong wind!


They're useless.

I thought out all the difficulties.

Kenneth is uncommunicative.

Jane plays tennis too.

Olson isn't getting off that easy.

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I'm proud to have him as a friend.

I've already answered Kirsten's questions.

There lived a pretty girl in the village.

We have to make some changes in our plans.

How long have you been awake?

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Is this really your car?

Why does reading this sentence make me think of Obama?

UN stands for United Nations.

The dog's hair is, as it were, a sweater.

Jacob has too much time on his hands.

I know how to play the piano.

I gave Swamy the same advice that I'd already given Jerome.

The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its paw.

He does like you.

It looks like we're going to be staying here tonight.

I'm afraid I don't agree with you.

Matthias was in his late thirties.

Ideas do not belong to anyone, they float in the air.

Naoto is sitting at a table.

I haven't seen something similar my whole life.

The librarian looked quite sick.

It is good for you to take exercise.


Why was this news released?

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Do you understand Mrs. Kunze?

He was amazed at his foolishness.

His grey and lifeless eyes burned like two hot coals.

What is the difference between a piano and a fish?

Was she the one who called you yesterday?


Did you want to see me about something?


Can you stop by tomorrow?

She's in trouble.

Tammy also has plans to go there.


I thought it was strange.

Have you been a bad boy?

Come and meet everyone!

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Pass your plate and I'll give you some more meat.

The dog was in the box under the table.

You almost died.


He stood with his legs wide apart.

I don't know how long this'll take.

Reynolds' blood pressure is dangerously high, especially when he's mad.


I come to school by bus.

We've got some work to do.

My lips often get chapped in the winter.


Aren't you overstepping the mark there?

Why in the world did you do that?

Proper diet and exercise are both important for health.

We can't just give up.

Do you have any vacancies?


May I offer you a drink?

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The earthquake caused widespread damage.

He looked at me and barked.

I want you to sing.

The house was ablaze when the fire engine arrived.

This is somewhat personal.


I received a letter informing me of his arrival.


I need to go to the China Construction Bank.

I wish that Mari would move out of the apartment below because she makes so much noise.

They're only trying to help.

She likes fairy tales.

He lent me a book, which was too difficult for me.

We did not see any children at all.

It must be our lucky day.

I never play the saxophone anymore.

He made it known to his friends that he was unwilling to run for the election.

He is notorious as a liar.

I can't let you out of my sight.

You have to pay me for all my translations.

I can't fire Ricardo.

Tomas doesn't seem to know very much.

The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.

I didn't know that Hiroyuki didn't know how to swim.

The will is as good as the deed.


Robin, I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you.

I hope you're all having a good time.

How do you plan to make amends?

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I rarely see him.

Your success will largely depend upon how you will make good use of your opportunity.

It's evil to curse.

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You are doing well for a cub reporter.

Earth has mountains, forests, fields, animals and people.

This dog barks at everyone he doesn't know.


When did Loyd graduate from college?


Roxie and I are both very happy.

Whatever the problem is, Ti can handle it.

The plane took off and was soon out of sight.

Scot advised Annard to study harder.

Rogue wouldn't accept my apology.