It is necessary for you to help her.

I threw him a nice ball.

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

I'm a gynaecologist.

Her cheerful voice responded just like that. Guess I was worrying over nothing...


We need to get rid of him.

I had to think about the problem for quite a while before I saw daylight.

Everyone knows I take pictures.

I wasn't trying to be hero.

The peaches at the bottom of the basket are rotten.

Lowell sold his company to Rodger.

The plane ran into a tropical thunderstorm.

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We'll do our best to deliver everything before next Monday.


Do fish have vocal chords?

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Seenu ferried the passengers across the river.

You do have a point.

Such an economic program will help the rich at the expense of the poor.

Mitchell is quick tempered and violent.

I opened the box, but I found it empty.

You look perfect.

It is only through knowledge that we, as a nation, can cope with the dangers that threaten our society.


Don't be afraid.

The cat is under the chair.

Kissing one's spouse in public is considered acceptable behavior in some countries.

I will tell him about it when he comes next time.

Catch you later.

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I'll be waiting for my passport.


We knew that was bound to happen.

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We're having an examination in geometry tomorrow.

We shouldn't have written that.

I searched for hours, but couldn't find it.


It was a window that Frances broke yesterday.


Take a chance.

Take this box down to the basement.

I really like travelling by ship.

The dictionary that I bought still wasn't delivered to me.

It took several hours to clear the mess left from the wreck of the truck and several cars.

I've never even met her.

He lives at the yellow house.

Is it made of iron?

I spent my summer vacation there, during which I enjoyed surfing.


Hiroyuki is very emotional.

The police found a suicide note in Hal's pocket.

The police have Liz safely locked up.

This young man has a bright future.

Dude, you can't just go up to a woman and grope her. That's sexual harassment!

Julian is dressed in black.

Cut it in thin strips.

I'm happy it's over now.

Marcos doesn't have as much free time as he used to.


I was not scolding you.

He is in the publishing business.

Some say that he was a musician in his youth.

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He recommended me to apply for the job.


Do you really believe this?

The body must be developed along with the mind.

She went to the back of the line.

Your doctor says you're going to be OK.

Please come with me.

Marek wasn't stupid enough to talk about what he'd done.

Where did you behead them?


I didn't want this to happen.


I go to the movies once in a while.

I will cut your fingers and tongue, Caty!

She soon became pregnant.

They seemed real.

The wind died.

It was three years ago.

Have you talked to him lately?


I wrote a letter to my teacher.

Hillel sat with Gerald, holding her hand.

I have to get home.

Trying looks unimpressed.

Stefan doesn't want to wear out his welcome.


That watch is less expensive than this one.

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Let's make a big circle.


We have no proof.


Thanks for this, Takeuchi.


I'm the one you should be listening to.


I was a terrible father. I know that.


The average Westerner, in his sleek complacency, will see in the tea ceremony but another instance of the thousand and one oddities which constitute the quaintness and childishness of the East to him.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "No, I don't mind at all."

Eric never told Venkata about it.

The earth is shaped like an orange.

Roxie enjoys reading novels.

Have you worked out the answer yet?

Gregor says it was a mistake.

Melinda turned down the job offer.

"She doesn't love me anymore!" "What?" "It's you who she loves!"

I don't understand him.

I need to get out of here.


Blake assumed that the meeting would start on time.


In elementary school, I was a prodigy and I was mostly the first or second best student in my class.

I love studying languages.

I'm here to pick them up.

My father is like a friend to me.

I have sore muscles all over my body.

I heard the doorbell ring. Go and see who it is.

We have a plane to catch.

It's not the final goal, but the process of getting there that matters.

An idea came to me.


Peter is the smartest person I know.


He turned off the light.


What do you teach?

Language learning is like the number system; it has a beginning but doesn't have an end.

Honzo is the one who warned me about this.

Can't you help me?

His house is there on the right.

I'm not quite prepared for this.

I'd like to see Wilmer immediately.

He's a descendant of Queen Victoria!

How much time does it take to get from A to B?

The hunter followed the bear's tracks.

I couldn't help Hui.

We got along famously.

Once a habit has been acquired, it has almost compulsive power over us.

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I want to serve my country.

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Vincent remarked on Annie's appearance.

I offered Mason some money.

It is said that man is different from other animals in that man uses language.

She urged him to do the job.

How do you know so much about it?

Murph rescued the dog from being eaten by the hungry soldiers.

Bypassing this obstacle, you find your way again.


Are you free tomorrow night?


He stuck a straw into an anthill.

Is it private?

You should be safe there.

Prices range from one to five dollars.

You were the only person that was ever nice to me.

It is very difficult to make him out.

I think you know what I mean.


I'd like to sing a song for you that I just wrote.

I'm truly sorry for having returned home late.

All animals should go naked.


That's a bad name for a ship.


It's not going happen.


Is there an app for that?

She wasn't able to talk to him.

There's nobody home.


I want to get as much information as possible.


He was paralyzed in the face of danger.


We went by way of Taiwan.

I just gave it to him.

Do you like blue cheese?

There was a fledgling bird there.

Would you like us to bring anything to the dinner?


She has three sons who became sailors.

I'm trying to help Randal so he doesn't make the same mistakes I did.

I'm teaching basic participial constructions now, but, with regard to those below, what different ways of translating them would everybody use?


Let's leave it as it stands.


Don't bother me with such trifles.

Have you forgiven her?

We live many miles distant from each other.


I will be friendly to him even if he doesn't like me.