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Get The Full Content of Your Favourite News , RSS Feeds And Blogs Delivered To Any Email, Apps or RSS Readers In Real Time - No-Fluff !

Yes, Others May Offer “Real time” RSS To Email or RSS Readers for Free. But They Do NOT Fetch The Full Articles Content. They Do NOT Send Full RSS Content but Only The Titles with Ads. They Do Not Fetch The Feeds in Real Time, They Call 15-minutes Real Time. We Check Your Sources Every 30 Seconds. That IS Real Time. They Do NOT Turn Shortened RSS Feeds Into Full Text RSS Feeds. They Do NOT Support other RSS Reader , We Support ALL RSS Reader Clients And You can turn XML to JSON or JSONP or RSS to HTML in seconds with 1 click or using our API. You Do Not Need to Signin To Yet Another RSS Reader When Using Our RSS to Email Feature or to Read Your Favourite News Articles, Feeds And Blogs, We Bring Them To You in all Formats: XML , JSON , JSONP , HTML.

° Full Text RSS Feeds ! °

FeedsAPI is a Full Text RSS Feed generator and web content extraction service that allows you to: turn any shortened RSS feeds into a full text RSS feed content, generate an RSS feed from any static webpage, turn xml and html to JSON and send RSS to emails in real time.

° How does it work ? °

Click on "Click here to start", enter an RSS feed or static site URL in the form displayed. Click on “SUBMIT” to get a better and cleaner ad-free, Full Text RSS feed back within seconds. You should enter your email to receive full RSS to email, this means rss news stories delivered to yur email inbox in real-time.

° What are RSS Feeds ? °

RSS is a web content syndication format and stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Which basically allows you to receive real-time updates when your favourite blogs or websites add or publish new content and new articles.

° Realtime RSS to email °

If you prefer to get breaking news and updates using an RSS reader or via email, instead of checking blogs and websites, you are in the right place. With FeedsAPI realtime full RSS to email, you can read full content RSS in your email client (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and many other email clients - if you can read email somewhere, then you can read your news as emails too) and in your newsreader.

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Hey! How about giving us a free call so we can answer all your Questions? Call us anytime on our FREEPHONE number +1 888-978-5293 and chat with us. You can also leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If your needs exceed our standard plans, or you have any other questions, we also offer a white label option. You can also chat with us through the chat option right here on the site or email Kerstin anytime at: , She'd love to hear from you .

° ALL About the API °

To extract content from a web page or to transform an existing partial feed to full text RSS, pass the URL (encoded) in the querystring to the following URL:
To control the number of items to fetch at a given time: The Parameter query is: &max=[number of feed items]
Example: /[key]&max=[number of feed items]&url=[url] . It really is that easy to integrate our API with your service or web application.

"FeedsAPI is awesome ! It saves me hours every week searching for inspirational articles or browsing other blogs and websites to find inspiration for my new blog post, so being a long time user of the service, when the founder asked me if I'd be willing to do a testimonial to share my experience with everyone, guess what I said: Yes, of course, this service is awesome." - Jessica M. writer and blogger from New York


"I’ve recommended FeedsAPI to my entire newsroom. The service is the best, and it’s so inexpensive… totally worth every penny. I’m able to find everything without any work. This has been so great, and the perfect tool for work.Plus, I’m able to scoop out the competition better by creating a special e-mail feed for their work too. It’s the best!" - Annette Lawless. Journalist and Fox 8 News reporter in Cleveland


"As developers, we were already planning to write the backend of our RSS iOS application , till we discovered FeedsAPI and their easy to use API. We gave it a try , this works perfect for us, they made us a price and we couldn't be happier, I mean, the product is awesome and very stable, the service is great , and the API integration was very easy. As a developer, I love it."- Moik Z. Software developer from Pakistan


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