There is one very noteworthy element in this stage.

When will she leave for Athens?

I've had this happen before.

I live in the middle of nowhere.

I am going to do odd jobs during the spring vacation.

We never meet without a parting.

The two brothers are still alive.

I think he was angry.

Rodent has everything a boy could want.

How long have you had this cough?

She has fair skin and hair.

I ask that you forgive me.


As soon as I can get my son to scan our family photos, I'll upload some of them to our website.


I don't like being cheated.

If you want war, you will get it.

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Don't you feel cold?

This is the first time I've ever got on a boat.

I'll save the money for the next time.

Ross loves going out.


Of course this is also possible.


That's exactly what I was thinking.


Owen can't speak French without making a lot of mistakes.

My cat killed a squirrel.

I hope you'll be happy forever.


Vinod is very difficult to deal with.

We returned to Boston on October 20th.

Jean didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

Let's all have supper.

Don't forget to bring your lunch on Saturday.

I know Vidhyanath better than he knows himself.

We can talk on the train.

How long did you stay at the party last night?

This sentence is false.

Shankar is a client.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat everything on my plate.

She was aware of her parents' eyes.

Are you through with your work?


She was indignant when I said she was lying.


She rarely goes out.

Look at the picture.

The question is when should we start.

I have to warn Margot.

Thanks for coming over.

Sick people tend to be pessimistic.

I can't believe they slept together!

I went to Los Angeles on vacation last month.

Ernst says it was all your idea.


Elliot showed Markus the world from the past.

It was not easy to convince him.

Another problem has arisen.

The game was exciting last night.

Kristi is somewhere in this building.

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What's your major?

The house was very badly built.

Pradeep might not want to come with us.

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I knew someone like him once.

June is skinny, isn't he?

I don't know what kind of person he is.


Just be quiet.

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Sunil thanks me every day.


Her behavior was a departure from the normal.

Why is Jorge acting so stupid?

You must all leave.

You've got to do something about this soon.

His life is in danger.

I'm the only one who knows what needs to be done.

We are faced with a strange situation that does not fit democracy.


No one can escape growing old.


How peaceful!


I can't listen to any more of this.

Turn around.

Please put your seal here.

Gregge had nothing to do yesterday.

You'll have to tell Kieran yourself.

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Have you ever kissed a woman?


This detergent works like magic.


Pierre sat in front of me.

The writer is working on his new book.

I've got plans.

I think it is very important that the whole world helps these countries.

The routine has changed.


Why are you so good at cooking?

Make that floppy uncopyable, just in case.

He grows tomatoes in his garden.

Let me show you how it's done.

He worked hard for fear that he should fail.

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We must do this.

Jeanette didn't mean to tell Edmund the secret, but he did.

We're done for the night.

He comes from Genoa.

I have to get them.

I'm taking Spanish this semester.

People that think and speak only about themselves are hopelessly uneducated.


It's a rental.

I don't think Carter did anything.

He was excluded from the club.

We know each other pretty well.

The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind.

Are you with Anne?

Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

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Since she got her braces, I've hardly seen her smile.

Don't go looking for something you don't want to find.

Ricky isn't really sick. She's only pretending to be sick.

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I don't care if anyone believes me or not.

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You have to stop helping Sofia.

They buy us vegetables.

I don't think I can fix it.

It's a very complicated situation.

While eating a pizza he was annoying his sister.

I hope they find Jennie.

The rocket put a communications satellite into orbit.

Maybe they both definitely want divorce.

Gold isn't cheap.

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She had matured into an excellent woman.


I will follow you.

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Some fish are able to change their gender.

Lightning struck his house.

It's your duty to finish the job.

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Kathleen left a large tip on the table.

I do not care if our team wins or loses.

Now, get on with your work.


I plead not guilty.

Brooke said he asked himself that same question.

If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.

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The police have been searching for the stolen goods for almost a month.

He wrote a story just now.

"Animals in the wild are not robots," she says.

Nobody has been formally charged.

It was too risky, so I decided not to try doing it.

Your problem is you're easily distracted.

I bought a new ball point pen with an electronic watch especially for this test.

Does Adam usually put on sunscreen?

How will you go to Boston?

I need to call my parents and tell them I'll be late for dinner.

I play the guitar.

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I must take back the money at all costs.

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I know what you must think of me.


Better a new friend than an old foe.

I got your name from my friend.

Where there is no common power, there is no law, where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the cardinal virtues.

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What is your native language?

A clerk in the office is only a pawn in the game of big business.

Melanie is a young mathematician.

That guy is just exploiting you.

Helping him was a mistake.

I should've done this months ago.

I am going to use what you hate against you.


The modern version, which is now popularly recognized in China as the standard qipao, was first developed in Shanghai after 1900.

As he talked, he got more and more excited.

He wants to buy a pearl necklace for his wife.

I practice sports.

I do not fear death.

A working day shortens life by 8 hours.

Marshall wanted Barney to read him a story.

Michiel grabbed the rope with one hand.

Can I get a copy of that?

I feel like I've already been here sometime.

I think Jinchao was joking.


He just wants my attention.

We should leave her alone.

Hey, what are you two up to?