What if I told you I really want to be a teacher?

Have you got any pencils?

I was home last night.

Can you think of any better way to do this?

Ji got it wrong, didn't he?

He tends to get angry over trifles.

For how long?

I'll visit Mr. Brown tomorrow.

You'll have to turn over a new leaf.

She has sagging tits and her husband has a limp noodle.

Everyone's eating.

He contributed a lot of money to the hospital.

Many of our customers are from Australia.

My wife has decided to leave me.

Will you go to the dance with me?

Do you have any questions about what needs to be done?

He is much taller than me.

The writer is working on his new book.

Do you have your plane ticket?


Let's just get Stephan out of here.

Try to be playful when you write sentences, as this forum isn't an office!

It's truly frightening.

How much longer is this storm going to last?

I had a strange dream.


After supper, she cleared the table.

That's a class act.

Let him use the telephone.

I can't figure out what he means.

We deepened our friendship.

The water was warm and inviting.

I'm moving across the country.

She agreed with him.

If he could hear of your marriage, he will be very surprised.

For this request, please choose 'accept' or 'reject' from the waiting list.

Ragnar claims that he was in Boston the night Novorolsky was murdered.

This kind of food is really popular in Boston.

Kerri took the CD out of its case and put it into the player.


Is this the murder weapon?


Water is not coming out of the shower.

Hillel said he'd love to go to Boston with us.

That's a pretty good question.

He felt a pain in his back.

Stephan seemed frightened at first.

Japan's climate is calm.

She turned off the lights.

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You're not going to want to miss this.

Now where are you going?

He hired Belinda.

Tim and Margot were both at home.

I'm a twin.

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Lisa caught Marguerite stealing his money from the cash register.

I'm going to chop this tree down.

Jerry said he didn't like Marcel anymore.


I found my father neither in his room nor in the garden.

But life is short!

It's useless if you don't do it with rhythm!

Yoko is interested in collecting stamps.

If there were no air, man could not live even ten minutes.

Juliet agreed to help Wes.

When has he ever done anything for me?


It's a book on animals.


He used a big piece of paper to make the bag.

Saiid would've been thirty years old today if he hadn't passed away last year.

No plant can grow in this climate.

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He deserves to be jailed.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we must cut our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2050.

I've seen pictures of Stewart standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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Does "juice" in Japan imply juice in a can?

How formally should your guests dress?

He was slightly injured in a traffic accident.

Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in your class?

That's what I want from you.

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I fancy he is a doctor.

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Mr Suzuki teaches us English.


Don't try to do too much.

King John put to death all of his rivals.

Not only he but I am wrong.

This one belongs to them.

We are overfishing the world's oceans.


That elegant gold plated chain with hearts is a necklace that will "rock your world".

I think Phillip left.

Joel is smart enough to answer all the questions.

Don't talk to me about her.

Smoking will do more harm than good.


Mason left the house without saying goodbye.

Why did you want my number?

This is the world we're living in.

My job keeps me pretty busy.

I caught the last train because I walked extremely quickly.

Are you calling me stupid?

Have you ever been inside this cave?

They have been busy.

It's necessary for you to go.


Show Urs in.

Anatole has signed a new contract.

Teresa is wearing a short skirt today.

Knead the dough.

I have no horse.

He is sure to succeed in the attempt.

I can't explain anything.

I've been very busy.

I used to live with them.

Knapper's wish was granted.

I've visited my father's grave.


I won't cut corners.

I ate bhel.

I believe example sentences are an integral aid for language learners.

Japan has become a powerful nation.

When I got to the office, I had tons of work waiting for me. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


Blow by blow, her punches got more intense.


Joon was afraid of being captured by the enemy.

Petrichor - (noun) the earthy scent when rain falls on dry soil; the smell of earth after rain.

Has he been saying bad things about Brodie again?

We have to take measures.

To whom will you give the first piece of cake?


Do you have any idea where we're going?

Ann bent her mind to the work.

She is curious about anything.

I know he is sleeping.

Human beings, whether they realise it or not, continually seek happiness.

That wasn't too bad.

They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.

Actually, I'm kind of happy to be leaving.

Would you care for a drink?

Give us something to drink.

Even though we're supposedly in a recession, people are traveling abroad in record numbers this Golden Week holiday.

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Can someone explain this to me?

Father told us a very interesting story.

I think you owe me some money.

The bones form a skeleton.

What more do you want, Ritchey?


What am I doing?

We received word of her death.

We'll deal with it tomorrow.

He was the only survivor.

We spent a wonderful day at the beach!

Minors can't be miners.

Aaron was a delicate child.


I just wanted it to be a surprise.

Where can I buy it?

I'll be back as soon as I find Tanaka.

I'm thinking of offering her the position.

Never speak to me again!

I'll walk you out.

I feel so refreshed after my bath.

The birds settled on the branches.

Dorian didn't want to live any longer.


Kee is just watching television.

It's about time we did away with this outdated law.

I'm not too picky.

I have to get an affidavit notarized at the consulate to prove that I'm eligible to be married and that I'm not getting married against my will.

I watched them closely.


Nothing is missing.

You're going to have to pay in advance.

His house is surrounded by trees.

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It was a great debate.

She made up her mind to go abroad.

Meeting my old friend was very pleasant.


Let's see what's wrong with it.


I can't stand that silly woman.

How old is his sister?

It's an inside job.


My mom brought home the weirdest-shaped squash today.


Bert and Lorraine are taking a break from each other.


What's this for?


My life would probably have been hugely different if I had been born a month later.