Anneli Shorter is an award-winning artist from Sweden, living in Perth, Australia.
She has over 25 years of experience, in Australia and overseas, working in a variety of techniques and mediums, both in painting and sculpture.

Award Winning International Artist of Fine Art - Painting the dome for Dome Coffees since 1990.

Anneli and Chris painting the dome for Dome Coffees since 1990.

For many years Anneli, together with her Australian husband Chris,a graphic artist with multiple practical skills, were known as ‘The Art Department’.

Since they are developing their individual directions as well as working as a team they now use
their individual names.

Commissions come from the corporate world, architects and private clients, who are aware of their
reliability, efficiency and skills.

All projects are considered regardless of scale and/or budget.

Anneli’s artwork is generally realistic with a focus on beauty and peace.
Even though she likes experimenting, archival quality is a priority.