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Stop up to the Community Center to see and enjoy all the updates made over the last several months. We thank everyone that’s been involved in action committees to improve our Community.  The work and results of the action committees are dependent on the input from and involvement of as many homeowners as possible.  If you are already engaged, Thank You! If you would like to know more, contact info@firestonefarmshoa.com.

Enjoy the view from above!

2018 Pool Season Recap

The pool season has ended for the year; the furniture is put away and pool is covered.  We hope that you were able to enjoy some hot sunny days with friends and family at the pool.

The pool rules are in a document you can access from this website; please read so you are current with the rules and regulations of using the pool  Remember, if you are interested in being involved and helping on the pool committee for 2019, please contact Bob Pasko, Property Manager at 724-625-8095 to be included.


New- Firestone Farms Preferred Trash Provider

In a recent HOA statement, you were mailed information regarding lower cost trash service for the neighborhood similar to a contract that Prestwick and Stonehaven currently have. Thank you to those who have switched over; it will help reduce trash pick up truck traffic on the streets which will be quieter, safer and less wear on the infrastructure.

As residents of Firestone Farm, Republic Services has committed to providing weekly trash pick up at a significant savings; a cost of $12.90 a month for a 2-year guarantee rate price.  Many in our community already utilize their services, highly recommend them and look forward to the monthly cost savings. In addition to the cost savings, we will benefit from less trash pick up truck traffic on our roads which is safer, quieter and less wear and tear on our streets.

In that HOA statement was a proposal agreement that each household needed to sign and send back to Bob Pasko, Property Manager, P.O. Box 779, Wexford, Pa 15090 by July 15, 2018.  The new service and savings began August 1, those who turned in your paperwork to Bob are now receiving service. If you’re new to the neighborhood or just didn’t get to sign up, remember to cancel your current trash service with any other provider if you are not already using Republic Services.

  • Thereafter, your quarterly HOA fee will include trash service and be $218.70 per quarter beginning October 2018.
    • Due October 1 – October, November, December HOA & Trash is $218.70. Please remit to Bob Pasko as you currently do for HOA assessments.

If you need further clarification or understanding, please refer to the provider information that Republic Services has detailed on the included mailer regarding trash pick up information. You can also contact the following people:

Bob Pasko, Property Manager 724-625-8095

Lou Davanzo, Republic Services 330-729-5510

If you haven’t switched to the community rate yet and are ready to now; print off the forms and mail or scan the paperwork to  Bob Pasko. New service will begin at the first of the month after receiving your paperwork. You will the find links to those documents for your convenience on this website under ~ Important Documents – Republic Trash Service.

              Universal Fitness Equipment

Those of you who use the fitness room and strength training equipment seem to be enjoying the new Precor Universal Gym installed May 30, 2017.  The strength system helps you improve your strength conditioning more efficiently. You will be able to perform more than 30 types of lifts, rows, raises, curls, crunches, pull-downs, and presses at up to four compact stations – pulling/preacher, pressing, leg extension and the optional leg press. There are three individual weight stacks make it easy for multiple people to use it at the same time.

Stop in and get fit. Please be considerate and remember to wipe down the equipment after you use it so it’s ready for the next person!

Calendar for Community Room Reservations

Click here to visit the calendar page, where you can make a reservation. You will find the Clubhouse Rules and Reservation Agreement link is available below to reference. The Clubhouse is for resident sponsored events.

Even though we have warmer temperatures now, all doors must be kept closed during all events. All music and noise must be confined to the Clubhouse; no outside use of tents in the parking lot. Also, nothing can be affixed to the walls or ceiling. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Pasko, Property Manager,  724-625-8095.

Stay Informed

This website is designed to keep you up to date on events and communications.
It will also assist in reserving the community room to accommodate your party and event dates. Reservations are approved via this website. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@firestonefarmshoa.com.

Stay Healthy

Workout in the exercise room; there’s something for everyone! Several cardio machines, free weights and a universal will help keep you stong, flexible and in shape.

For your hospitality, there is a soft drink and water vending machine as well as a microwave and refrigerator available at the pool level building entrance.

Every ones safety and enjoyment is important; please follow the posted rules and etiquette in all areas.

Building Access

The FOB security system is in place and each family should have received their key fob by now of which there is no charge. You can obtain a second key fob by contacting Community Management Group, Inc at 724-625-8095 or Email (303) 456-2537.

With this fob you will gain access through the main entrance at the upper and lower levels as well as through the pool gate. Please keep your fob with you; lost fobs can be replaced, however there is an additional charge for them.

Community Directory

Currently we are compiling a new neighborhood directory that will be published in 2019.  You should have found a letter in your mailbox detailing the information we need.  Please complete the form and send to Maryann. If your information hasn’t changed or you prefer not to be listed; please let us know that too! 

Thank you to those who responded and provided updated contact information for the directory. We would like to get the information completed by Oct. 31.  Once compiled, it will be printed and delivered.  If you haven’t noticed the letter, please reference the “Directory Letter” link about how to contact Maryann and communicate that information with her.  At any point in time, you can update and edit your contact information by using the “Directory Letter” link at the top of this page and forwarding to Maryann.


Contact 6608673248 to share any upcoming events.

Natural Gas Supplier

As you are aware, All American Energy is our natural gas supplier. Their contract with Columbia Gas to transport gas to Firestone farms expires in November. Due to the death of the principal of All American Energy, continued supply is questionable.  Columbia Gas is evaluating whether to take over the existing lines. Their rates for natural gas are cheaper and all residents have an opportunity to save money on future gas bills, have a more reliable and more certain supplier in the future.

Thank you if you signed the petition and sent the application for service with Columbia Gas.  Response time has ended, however if you would like to reference, you will find a link below for both the Petition and Application (Residential Performance Commitment).

Pool Deck and Wall Update

You may have noticed the new concrete surface around the pool deck.
As part of the Homeowners Association’s ongoing maintenance program, the following tasks were completed:

  • One section of the wall only had a footer about 15 inches below the ground so the wall was torn down and rebuilt with a proper footer.
  • The concrete deck was replaced where it was damaged, the cap on the top of the wall was replaced, and the rest of the stone repaired.
  • The dirt level was raised on the outside of the fence as a little more insurance to protect the footer.

Similar to the repairs done to the exterior of the building last year that were caused by faulty construction, Firestone Homestead LLC paid for 100% of the repairs. The Homeowners Association was not charged for for these repairs.