Cap 80

Chinese Race

Old School


Grand Opening (5 Oct) 2019-10-05

Everyone knows how important this day ! Everyone is preparing himself to have a good play after waiting so long, Most of the servers fail at the beginning but we won't. We are Preparing ourselves to provide you the best start you will ever see specially at grand opening, we knows how disappointed to wait for that day and then BOOM, Get a bad start like Lags, Crashes, Dc and bugs.. we worked hard and we will keep working and won't stop.

Beta Phase (28 Sep) 2018-09-28

Beta Phase has been created to find out the bugs and to give us the ability to provide you the best game play-system without any bugs or problems. So , we would be so glad if you joined our beta phase and helped us. Your help will be counted and you will get reward at grand opening 300 Silk.

Cap (80) 2018-09-25

After careful consideration we decided to create a cap 80 project Chinese only for fairness game-play. Indeed cap 80 is a simple cap without big difference between builds which gives everyone a chance to be the best whatever your build is. That's what we care about, a fairness play without needing to pay to be strong, no more overpowered builds.

Race (CH) 2018-09-25

We don't need Europe race simply because it's destroying the server. Our plan to keep the server for a long term not a month project then die.

Mastery (300) 2018-09-25

Usually mastery at cap 80 is 300 and it's the most balanced mastery which gives everyone a chance to create his own build.