They shall not pass.

I want you to show me what love is.

The ground started to shake and the alarm rang.

You're not going to get electrocuted just by directly touching a 1.5V battery.

You didn't forget, did you?

There are no taxis, so I must walk.

I'll wait here till he comes back.

Do not expect charity from them.

I hope Stephen stays in Boston for at least another three days.

It was easy for him to find a job.


I was young and I needed the money.

Tony unrolled the rope ladder and hung it out the window.

I need to be in absolute control of everything around me all the time.

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Gregory and Sehyo are neighbors.

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The absence of a greeting means something.

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The baby cried itself to sleep.

Lindsay is going to have to start saving money.

How do you know someone is a runner?

Ramesh has found the problem.

You know what they can do, don't you?


I need to get away from her.


He spoke truth.

They took no part in the social revolution.

The man seized him by the neck.

The plane arrived at Itami Airport on time.

He had said nothing during the debate.

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Who do you think will be elected president of the USA?

The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration.

I thought I was done for.

Show me something a little larger.

I started thinking about her.


We decided this three weeks ago.

Why are you ruining my life?

It's a big waste of time.

You can tell them I said so.

Why aren't you using the new pen I just gave you?

This is the first time I've ever left my car without locking its doors.

The exchange rates for foreign currency change daily.


We stopped communicating.

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Be careful when working with a hoe.

You should get to school.

I've got to go now.

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Playing go is my only recreation.

Would you mind if I catch some sleep?

Ji waved his arms.

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Theo already went home, but Margie is still here.

Do you really think you could help?

The man who is waving to me is my uncle.

Dave will cook.

This desk is a little low for me.

Please don't do it.

I didn't see you there.

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Manolis gave Raja's hand a friendly squeeze.

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One explains the other.


I saw what was left.

"Come on, let's go." "Where are you taking me?"

After pouring drinks, Pilot put the bottle down in front of Sundar.

I've never seen this woman before in my life.

He cast reflections on me.

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I am wholly in agreement with you.


She is discreet.

By that, Boeing means that there may also have been other problems, but that an accident could have been avoided if the crew had done their job correctly.

Did Hy talk to you about his plans for next weekend?

I'll do what I please.

The glans of the penis is generally very sensitive.

That's all I need.

He is proficient in English.


Why are you complaining?

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The plank froze to the ground.


I have to call someone now.


Every student has access to the library.


Tell them I said hello.

His jokes amused me.

Stop calling me Spyros.

In 1916 Einstein published his general theory of relativity. This theory linked gravitation, acceleration and the four dimensional space-time.

Several people plan to go to Boston with us.

He was in the shop.

Twelve are present at the meeting.

Miki was wearing the same suit as I was.

Why did you come to see me?

Do you think we can glue that back together?

Have you lost your ticket?

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Both girls wear white suits.

You were the last to arrive.

Bathe the baby, won't you?


Her family can't help worrying about her injuries.

The broad river flows slowly.

Do you want me to come over?

I'm not sure whether I really want that.

Why didn't you ask me?

Come to see me after work.

Don't raise your voice above a whisper.

What's the rule?

The meat is not well enough cooked.

I never should've mentioned it.

I should've told you the truth about me from the beginning.

The data in her paper serves to further our purpose.

I am so brutishly fast, that I was already there before I ran at all.

Everybody in here already knows that.

Wake up, Micah.

I really don't want to play.

Susan Greene... are you Dutch?

I haven't done this in a long time.

It costs an arm and a leg.

Who's your favorite writer?

We were expecting that to happen.


I may not get anything I asked for.


I'll tell Urs to meet you there.


The shrine was built two hundred years ago.

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The question is where.


He got a cramp while he was swimming.


Radek bought a plasma TV on Black Friday.

I ran for mayor.

Are you sure you don't want to go see a doctor?

We slowly approached them.

I'll call you around five o'clock.

I know I'm not supposed to be here.

Joan caught her breath when she saw the sight.

I just made a fresh pot of coffee.

We have important work to do.

The park benches were all occupied.

God help thee, brother, as thou hast so helped two of us.


The wind is blowing like crazy.

Manjeri couldn't speak to Gregory.

I have to get up early, even on Sundays.


Aren't you ashamed of yourself for having lost your temper like that?

She was sitting in a chair, watching TV.

I mistook her for Ann's sister.

I can't wrap my head around it.

If you want me to be quiet, just ask.

I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.

It was you that was responsible for the accident.


They're both beautiful.

What is the language spoken in Mexico?

I'm getting used to working the night shift.


I felt betrayed.

Lar looked like he was bored.

You must choose between honor and death.


He is certain to succeed.

Tim and Israel aren't afraid.

I know you hate it.

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Why would I want to kill you all?


We decorated it.

A valuable object decreases in value if it is damaged.

Please remember to post the letter on your way home.

Kerri took Micky by the arm.

Does it bother you if I light up a cigarette?

I want to close the account.

We've had this discussion already.

He's very ill.

I think you've already met her.

Mark graduated from Harvard in 1991.

She's a bit of a loner.


I drive everywhere.

I really don't recommend doing that now.

He is as tall as any boy in his class.

I'll never lose hope.

I thought you said you were sick of peanut butter.

Sanjay has good sense.

I doubt if he will succeed.

A woman whose husband is dead is called a widow.

Perhaps Kristian will leave.