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I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and a chasing after wind.

She couldn't get the point of his story.

Mariou told me he'd be late.

They brought Brian in on a stretcher.

Jenine and Chuck don't talk to each other.

Looks like we barked up the wrong tree.

I bought a new guitar today.

I didn't know that I had to do that.

Your offer is a life-saver.

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Let's sit down and work this problem out.

Her actions are inconsistent with her words.

I'm glad I was able to be useful to you.


Everybody is bound to obey the laws.

Why is she with this idiot?

Why did you go to Boston?

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It turned out that we received a million dollars.

Don't speak in the middle of a lesson.

Though it was raining, we played football.


Damon should talk less.

Please take off your sunglasses.

Can I begin?

You will be ignored.

I feel the same way you do.

She kept him waiting for a long time.

Guess who's coming tonight.

Can I count on Griff?

Can she ride a bike?


They're not rocks. They're minerals.

I had nothing else to do.

I looked up at my phone, and tried to read my text messages.


What time is the concert?


It was for her own good.

I'll be there Monday.

I'm carrying out Hirotoshi's orders.


I never told the truth to Syd.

Dirk walked Sherri to the door and she left.

It looks like rain. You had better take in the washing.

Slow economic recovery has sent auto sales plummeting.

You really put that much in the sandwich?


They don't have an ear for music.


Margot is selling it just as it is.

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Murray has done other stupid things.

He never forgets to pay a bill.

We got up early and set about cleaning our house.

I've never seen a red refrigerator.

I'm now staying at my uncle's.

It's nobody's fault but yours. I'm determined to make you take the responsibility.

When are we going back to Boston?

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His mother used to be a singer.


Galen is a hard-working family man.

Women commonly live longer than men.

I've got a connecting flight.

He came here all the way from London.

Let us begin our analysis by positing the following question.

Where is the Customs Service?

The chance of rain is low.


Is there more?

The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week.

Hunger knows no law.

Don't make me hurt you again.

This dress shrank, and what's more it faded.

Dewey will never know.

Parking prohibited!


As he often tells lies, he is not to be relied on.

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Stacey asked Srinivas to go to the opera with her.

He answered that he knew no French.

I'm supposed to be in Boston next Monday.


I'm happy to be done with that.

I'll eat a millennium egg.

I've asked her to help us.

I told him of our plans, but he seemed uninterested.

I'm afraid we can't do anything.


The bright boy comprehended the concept of geometry.


Noemi is a guard.

I knew things about Israel that even his parents didn't know.

They're all alike.

Pia took to drinking after his wife left him.

I don't want to lose any time.


I just want a fresh start.

Aren't you worried that Bobbie might get injured?

It is easy for him to carry the stone.

I miss it already.

The best swimmers are oftenest drowned.


A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants.

All of that concerns us.

A car, a bicycle, an airplane, a boat, and a train are all means of transportation.

I don't want to know who kissed you.

An accent can be either charming or irritating.

You've made me angry.

I hurried home.

You won't be disappointed.

The little girl never smiles at anyone other than Emily.

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Nobody's trying to tell you anything.

Am I responsible for this?

Did you feel that?

I've always carried out my duties.

He's thought long and hard for this election. Very long and hard for the country he loves.

Jack may speak Spanish, too.

I just told everybody the good news.

That would be inappropriate.

Industrialization had a great influence on the development of the economy in Japan.


He watched the horse race with his binoculars.

Jin put on a tie.

What's the minimum salary in Scotland?

This is a hectoliter of wine.

Naren believes in magic.

I've forgotten the name.

He stuck to his job.

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You had better act upon his advice.

He likes to sing popular songs.

I just hope it was worth it.


You won't be able to try it.


I don't know if George is coming.

"Now," said Mr. Wood.

That may not matter.


I can't excuse what I did.


Please call me when you have decided what you would like to do.

The hare is bleeding from its ear.

I want everyone to remain calm.

By dint of pushing the words back to the beginning of the sentence, there only remained the two of them at the end: Van, Plastic.

Think of your opponent as nothing more than a handful of ash.


Do you like your job?


Can we present your Pygmalion?

It doesn't look as if that's going to happen any time soon.

Break time's over.

How expensive is it?

He who loves danger, shall perish in it.

She is fighting for the liberation of the oppressed natives.

It's a song.

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Roderick knew that Panos was hungry.

Murray didn't come out of his room.

In politics, respect is hard won but easily lost.


Carlos looked impatient.


Tufts University is a very famous school in Boston.

I think that Japan is a very safe country.

Takao always says what he thinks.

Do you have other family?

It was a chance meeting.

Everything seemed to go wrong with me.

Your watch is superior in quality to mine.

I'd better go check on him.

John played cat and mouse with Dick.

"What do you want?" "I just wanted to talk to Matt."

I would have bought this watch if it wasn't this expensive.

There is nothing like dancing after all. I consider it as one of the first refinements of polished society.

Piercarlo found that he couldn't study with the TV on.

The right word for this does not come to me.

Winston doesn't understand that.

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I've known Connie since 2013.

I took Michael to the hospital.

There is nothing to fear.

Del collects anything that's connected with squirrels.

I spoke to Juha last night and he told me that he likes you.

My mother wrapped the sandwiches in paper.

How about a cup of cocoa?

Can you tell me how to get to the library?

I told her to go.


After that, he went home.

Only your opinions matter.

I baked these cookies for her.


I blush for you.

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I'm not overwhelmed.