It's on the ground floor.


You may have good reason to think that your youth is over.

The mystery surrounding his death was played up by the media.

Hohn is living in Boston.

Wade and I are both scared.

I'll warn her.

Never play here.

There shouldn't be any major problems.

How tall are your parents?

Can I talk now?

Hello! How are you?

Bill can run fastest in his class.


I do not like to perform in front of others.

No matter what happens.

I don't have anything else to do but wait for you.


Is the bar open yet?

Let's make a deal.

Housewives have a hundred things to do.

She tore the letter to pieces.

In Wales we have a proverb.

Dad is in the kitchen because he's cooking.

It looks like a Michelangelo painting.


His scores are always better than mine, even though he doesn't study very much.


He has a bright future ahead of him.

Panacea treats everything like a joke.

The protons and neutrons cluster together in the center of the atom in what is called the nucleus. The electrons orbit around the nucleus.

Teriann is patronizing.

It often happens that young shogi players become a little self-important, but I don't think that's something limited to the shogi world.


Let's hurry so we can catch the bus.


I'm champing at the bit like a wild horse.


I may not be able to sing as well as Blair, but I can sing.

I want you to refurbish the house.

They insisted on my getting the work done by tomorrow.

He's so arrogant!

Is Gunnar a Christian?

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I don't see why not.

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His son is serving his sentence.

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That would really make Caroline happy.

I bet you're going to tell me you're too tired to help.

Leigh got to the station at 3:00.

Byron wouldn't do that to Isaac.

Rees looked like a volcano about to erupt.


The storm will likely damage the crops.

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What you said makes absolutely no sense to me.


I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict Scripture.

When was the last time you spent time on Facebook?

We balloted for the resolution.

Why are you always avoiding me?

In my country, it's usual for pilgrims to beg for alms.


Rather than putting off this meeting, why don't we just call it off?

I was careless.

They're a dime a dozen.


The investigation concluded that the police officer had done nothing wrong.

Take care not to fall.

At first, I felt they were right to have fired me.

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I needed space.

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There's no escape.


Stupidity is not a disability!

We'll bring Holly.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and its most important city.

He began to look into the matter.

Did I come at a bad time?

Relative to overall sales, that of software is insignificant.

Guys better don't bring up this topic. You're young, playful, everything's easy for you. It's wrong. It's not Chikatilo, and not even FBI archives. Better don't venture here. I'm serious, any of you would regret. Better close the topic and forget everything written here. I quite understand this message provokes more interest, but I want to warn the curious - stop. The rest will just be lost.

The telephone is out of order, Mr. Tamori.

He looked grave when told the bad news.

Why don't you just study a little harder?

What colours do you like?

Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.

Mwa sharpened the pencils.

Liisa was completely overwhelmed, but there was no one there who could've helped her.

He burped.


The door handle is broken.

This restaurant serves Adana and Urfa kebabs.

This law will deprive us of our basic rights.


The future of humanity lies in our hands.


Wasting time at the library is fun.

As likely as not, whales will be extinct by the end of this century.

You could afford to buy one of those if you wanted to.

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Don't worry. Everything will be fine now.

Close the gate.

Corey shut one window and Raul shut the other.

Genetics will never change.

You really know how to party.


He didn't like school.

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I feel exactly the same as Mr Isoda.

I just got there as fast as I could.

Frederick is much taller than you.

Mt. Fuji is noted for its beautiful shape.

Did you tell them that?


In a dictatorship laughing can be an indictable offense.

Christopher's sentences are clear and easy to translate.

Lori told Matthias that her French was easy to understand.

I should've added more salt.

She was across in ten minutes.


She was wearing pumps.

Can I have a coffee?

Fred is a lazy fellow.

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I want Nadeem to let Kevin speak.

Several people are already waiting.

He is a naughty boy.

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I recognized Hume right away.

This was my dad's favorite tie.

Juliet can't swim as well as Spencer can.

You may catch him.

I totally agree with Kory.

John took a year off to write a book.

Can you save a seat for me?

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Ahmed and Phil liked each other instantly.

Can you tell a stoat and a weasel apart just by looking at them?

This revision of Darwin's ideas came under fire from academic positions.

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I have never advised a friend.


Why don't I call you?

I tried to install a new browser.

I just saw you talking to Jon less than five minutes ago.

Lignite is a fossil fuel.

He is a bit older than me.

He has a lot of foreign stamps.

Won't Ronald be annoyed?

We tried that.

"Have you talked to Sigurd?" "Everybody's name is Lorien here! Which one do you need?" "The one that is Jelske's friend!"

Gretchen is a Turk.

Patricio is barely breathing.

It's hard not to like you.

Women and soup shouldn't be left waiting, otherwise they'll get cold.

What's your favorite way to travel?

Tell me something that'll help me.

A man is responsible for his deeds.

He resigned on the grounds of ill health.


That's my face right now.


Kronum is a new team sport invented in 2008.

I think I've persuaded Marc to help us.

If we're going to leave, we should leave now.

You're supposed to be on my side.

It's a perfect day for a barbecue.

One of you should be helping Root.

When was the last time I told you I loved you?


What's done is done. It's history.

You aren't making sense.

" Wait, isn't this the place we were at a moment ago? " " That's right. We came back. That's strange."


I want to watch a documentary.

This is just one of many things we have to do before we can go home.

Now, as a test of courage, won't you go into that abandoned building over there? It's famous as a place haunted by spirits.

Families needed a lot of help on the farm.

It snowed from Monday to Friday.

The paint is still wet.

This is as good as any.

The ship foundered in the stormy sea.

I share your concern.

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When was the last time you rented a house?

The wild beasts all gather.

Traffic downtown is all backed up.

I've eaten almost nothing.

The baby was amusing itself with the cat's tail.


Radek and Sjouke went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Syed stepped in to help.

I'm sure you can figure it out.

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Tell me to leave and I'll leave.

Invading Iraq was the worst foreign policy decision ever made by an American president.

"Is he alive or dead?" "He's dead."