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How long will this rain go on?

Manny knows James won't do what John asked her to do.

That's right, since we're taking a walk anyways, I wonder if we could spend a little time walking through the forest too...

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He had to undergo an operation immediately after his fall.


He works beyond office hours twice a week.

It's the most addicting game I have ever played.

I don't set myself unrealistic goals.

He had some money in an account that he'd set aside for his kids.

I wrote down his phone number lest I should forget it.


I'll call Valerie and tell him we won't be coming.

Pieter understands music.

Page will be great.


Please bid farewell, my Lady, to your husband.

I shouldn't have let you do that.

Barbara isn't my father.


Switching to Linux is a perfectly cromulent suggestion.


Father takes a bus to his office.

I feel like I'm the heroine of a romance novel.

They all talked.

You have to understand that there's nothing I can do to help you.

Ad-hoc councils of town elders slowly evolved into militias.


I owe my success to her help.


The earthquake occurred at dawn.

I wasn't careful.

I had read it.

Are you telling me you've never eaten Chinese food?

Tell him I won't do that.

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You realize how dangerous Vilhelm is, don't you?

He gave her a string of pearls worth $350,000.

What, you having bread again? I see you're still leading the same thrilling dietary life as ever.

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I don't know exactly where Kyoko lives, but it's in the direction of Sannomiya.

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I really don't feel the cold.

She's just a bit nauseous.

I was born in Tokyo on the eighth of January in 1950.

I woke up this morning feeling like crap.

Let's do it tonight.

He looks like a bug.

"That ain't my style," said Casey.

No wonder you've got a headache; the amount you drank last night.

I don't want to tempt fate.

The old man sat all alone.

Emily will surprise me.

I'm on duty now.

It's a strange matter.

This article contains some genuinely new ideas.

She doesn't have any problem in life.

I've got really good news.

I'm starting to think I'm never going to meet Terry.

Is the tap water in Australia drinkable?

I can't do all of this without help.

Perry can do nothing.

This is an interesting book.


Donate what you're willing to donate.

Now is your time.

To become king at the cost of a maiden's life was too heavy a price to pay.

I just want you to be happy.

It's too late now. Besides, it's starting to rain.

He gave me some good advice about entering that college.

I hope you had a good time.

Let's not discuss this in front of the children.

You'd probably really enjoy this book.

Jaime says that he's very busy.

Shel has had that land for more than thirty years.

The two banks consolidated and formed a single large bank.

Ostriches don't fly because they have very short wings.


This novel was translated from English.

I've cleared my schedule.

Would that really be so bad?

She decided to take legal advice.

Ted made all the arrangements.

Is that the truth?

My grandmother always said it was a sin to waste food.

He aimed at the bird.

Thank you for giving me the time I needed to finish this.

I am in charge of the third-year class.

I really do like Italian movies very much.

As soon as I got home, my sister went out.

A leopard can't change his spots.

I've heard a lot about it.

We must have a new supply of forms.

Your guess is quite wrong.

Casper took off his shirt.

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The first term starts in April.


Gill seems to be angry, but not as angry as Huashi.

I don't have anything to do.

Jack was looking well although tired.


I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

They all termed it nonsense.

Nhan was tired, so he went to bed early.

Don't read books in a dark place.

She refused to allow religion to come between her and the man she loved.

Boston is cold for me, unlike Chicago.

Doing that would be a good idea.

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She has both beauty and brains.

I work in the State Department.

She has a thing about red-haired people.


Nicholas was especially good at that.


Hurry up, Martin. We're already late!

'Tis very warm weather when one's in bed.

A new student came into the class.

I'm starting a new job today.

This is my table.


I need your strength once more.

When do we hand in the report?

The old man is possessed of great wealth.

She is not animal-loving.

The picture reminds me of my school days.

I feel like I should say something to Samuel.

I asked him why he was sad.

We are traveling to Barcelona.

That was what I meant.

I want to talk to Charlie privately.

Industrialization often goes hand in hand with pollution.

The train belched clouds of black smoke into the air as it chugged away.

I use the Internet as a resource for my research.


This car must have had tough usage.

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I understand your feelings and thoughts even without words.

I'm afraid it's going to take a bit more time.

Do you want me to go and have a word with him?

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Bob wiped her eyes with her apron.

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The earth goes around the sun once a year.


There's nothing left to eat.

Let's find someone who really knows how to do this.

Paula says he's willing to do that for us.

She is said to be a leader in the women's liberation movement.

His stupidity is abysmal.


We like when you dance!

Caroline found many more coins under the bed.

There were thirty people present at the meeting.

There are not enough oranges.

I saw through his game.

Do I make myself clear?

Just don't disappear.

He is a perfect gentleman.

What is the first novel that was written in Japanese?

It's time to level with Piet.

They all have drinks.

Can I say this one last time?

I've never traveled by train.

Dick and Helen couldn't help looking at each other.

Trying to tempt her, I gazed into her face.

Why aren't you in uniform?

I am thirsty.

He has never visited him.

Donnie looks like he's ready to work.

It's kind of late.

We are from Columbia.

If I could visit any North American city, it'd be San Francisco, California.

The accident happened because of the driver's negligence.

It'll be ready tomorrow.

Jayant has borrowed Kristian's car for a few days.

All of the cookies are in the shape of stars.

My son does not follow me.

"Do you have anything to do?" "Nothing in particular."

Now leave it to me, Andrea.

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Glynn and I are never likely to agree.

Jim is about as tall as Bill.

I have the feeling I've already seen this movie.


Reid is quite imaginative.


Does that feel right?

Do you still think I'm beautiful?

Electric cars are not actually green.

I told Vassos that wasn't a good idea.

I refuse to influence others to participate in war.

Gregg was stabbed to death by someone on the subway.

Sentence #2416352 is my first ever contribution in Tatoeba.


I cannot authorize Ken to go abroad.

The opposite of peace is war.

Stay here and look after them.