We are about to launch our passenger check-in module as an add-on to our Fleet Management System. Great for managing student pick-ups on school runs.

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Our Fleet Management System provides the functionality to create Client Bookings, Manage fleet details, and provides tracking and navigation via our android and iOS compatible mobile applications.

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Our systems ensure confidence in transport operations management and service delivery, and provides client certainty in system effectiveness.


School Transit Management Solution

The complexities of managing the various school transit systems requires sophisticated and extensively tested systems. WCL Management Services offers a solution that provides effective and efficient management of passengers and routes catering for single services or multiple integrated services.
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Event Management System

A cornerstone of WCL Management Services is the management and delivery of transport operations for major events. To support these operations we have bespoke proprietary software which has been developed for this specialised field. These systems have been implemented throughout multi-sport/client transport operations internationally.

GPS Tracking & Vehicle Monitoring

A key element of transport contracts internationally is the capability to monitor vehicle locations. This provides the ability to maintain contract compliance, provide real time updates and obtain key vehicle operating information. WCL Management Services has developed a highly effective vehicle monitoring system which provides live data via a secure web interface.
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Auditing and Compliance

Efficient and effective transport operations are only achieved through the utilisation of recognised audit and compliance criteria and management strategies to determine the most effective processes. WCL Management Services provides auditing and compliance review services and offers recommendations on best practices.

Contract Drafting

The preparation of transport contracts and services agreements is critical to the success of transport operations. We can provide drafting, implementation and contract management services using our ability to effectively provide clarity and direction to service providers.
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Emergency Transport Operations

The ability to manage and coordinate emergency response services requires significant attention to detail and the ability to understand overall network implications of emergency disruptions. WCL Management Services can provide mass-transit solutions as well as network restoration critical tasks.

We are available 24/7

We understand services can run long hours, so we are available and offer support when you need it most


Vehicle & Crew Scheduling

Whether you need vehicles, drivers, workforce staff, or assistance with scheduling, we can help


School Transport Solutions

When it comes to school transport, safety is our number one priority

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Fuel Management

We offer fuel management services using the latest advice and technology

WCL Management Services was a great partner during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. It can be difficult working on a project with an immovable date, but WCLMS took it in their stride to ensure the right solutions were delivered at the right time. Their expertise was exceptional, and they are a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to taking on the next major event with them.

Kate McDonald

Company Name: Games LinQ
Designation: Project Manager

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Company Name: ABC
Designation: Executive Director

WCL Management Services has developed an enviable reputation of delivering complex transport solution capitalising on world wide experience with localised solutions.WCL Management Services has developed an enviable reputation of delivering complex transport solution capitalising on world wide experience with localised solutions.

Company Name: ABC
Designation: Executive Director
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