A few spectacular Youtube videos were enough to raise hopes and collect billions. Now Magic Leap sends the first test copies. Was the hype justified?

Through the wooden floorboards of a normal gym suddenly breaks a whale from below. Water splashes in the air, then it falls back to the ground, appears to dive into it and has disappeared. Just like in this short video, which was distributed on the internet a few years ago, the start-up “Magic Leap” probably introduces itself to the “magic leap” it bears in its name. In fact, small, slightly transparent cartoon knights walk around on the ground and dress themselves with swords. On the sofa a mini-T-Rex roars.


Many stand on the tube in the morning, as long as they do not have their dose of caffeine intused. Since it can not hurt if the coffee machine itself comes along a little smart. The Barista TS Smart by Melitta is one of the first coffee machines that grinds and brews beans – and also boasts smart functions. But just in the latter discipline, the machine turns a little stupid.

First off: The Barista TS Smart makes delicious coffee. Two types of beans can be filled, even coffee powder accepted the machine. Freshly ground but tastes better. The grinder works nicely quiet. And because coffee today is no longer simply coffee, Melitta also supplies a fully automatic milk container that can be connected with a hose. So there’s nothing standing in the way of fine latte macchiato or cappuccino.

Cleaning is important in a fully automatic machine, and here Melitta has come up with some ideas. When starting and switching off, the Barista TS blows hot steam through the pipes. Also for cleaning the milk container there are programs. The brewing group can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Unfortunately, the East Westphalian company relies on piano paint for its surface: the machine never looks as clean as it did on the first day.



Bluetooth FM Transmitter


Fitness Tracker




Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones


The first typewriters with American QWERTY keyboard were available at the end of the 19th century. Since then, digitization has changed little in the appearance and occupancy of the keys.

Traditional computer keyboards force an unnatural hand position. In extreme cases, this can lead to pain in the wrist and forearm. With the ergonomic keyboard Sculpt the hardware department of Microsoft wants to prevent this.

The shape of the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard resembles a boomerang. The two halves of the keyboard each receive a part of the usual keyboard layout. The caps have a short stroke, which can be typed longer. The keypad can be tilted both to the side and to the back. A padded palm rest adds extra comfort.

The keyboard set contains a separate keypad next to the keyboard that can be placed anywhere on the desk. Very convenient. Add to that the Sculpt mouse, which also makes ergonomic work possible. Everything is connected quickly and wirelessly via a small USB connector for all three devices.


Smart watches, you have to put it this way, are usually fake. Those who value not being immediately recognized as a nerd because they carry a small computer on their arms are having a hard time with a smartwatch. The US manufacturer Garmin, known for its powerful sports watches, tries to solve this with a hybrid watch: The Vivomove HR looks like a normal wristwatch in the minimalist style of the designer Max Bill with their hands. Only a small display shows on request notifications, the distance traveled or the pulse. If no information is displayed, the display also remains off. Nothing digital then disturbs the analogue appearance.

And yet there are many negative reviews of Vivomove HR on the net. From the point of view of smartwatch or fitness enthusiasts, she is neither fish nor meat. Smartwatch fans miss important features, such as responding directly to a message. The Garmin clock only vibrates on notifications and displays them briefly. Fitness fanatics, on the other hand, are barely able to track their own sport. Swimming, for example, does not work, but the Vivomove is waterproof.

Fantasy values ​​at the stress level
Most other athletes struggle with the biggest shortcoming of the clock: Although the touch-sensitive crystal glass display relies on bright OLED technology and move the clock hands after a wipe to the 10 o’clock position 10, so as not to obscure the small screen, the Additional information in the blazing sun hardly recognizable.

So for whom is Vivomove HR suitable? Most likely for all Normalos who want to be a little bit fit and a bit smart. The Garmin watch measures the pulse consistently and logs the steps, both pretty much exactly. By contrast, the display of the stress level based on the heart rate produces fantasy values.

The battery lasts about five days. Smart becomes the hybrid watch via Bluetooth connection to the smartphone. Even the music there can be easily controlled via the clock. The app Garmin Connect graphically displays all data. Only Fitbit can do that better. The Vivomove HR comes in four colors with leather or silicone strap. Who knows about their weaknesses, gets from 160 euros a pretty watch with additional benefits.