I love Leanne.

Admitting what you say, I still think you are in the wrong.

The decorating isn't bad.

I'll get Troy to buy us a cake.


As soon as I let go of the leash, the dog ran away.

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My mother is reading a magazine.


I'll be inside.

Dan threatened to burn the library.

Micky was the only one who seemed to noticed.

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I'll be right in here.


I was doing an impersonation of my boss when he showed up.

I don't believe in curses.

We are living in the latter half of the twentieth century.

What are those noises?

They have no natural predators.


Jay can trust Shaw.


What a pleasure to see a kid his age who knows what the fuck real music is.

I inclined my ear to him.

You're right on the money.

I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

I have had a stroke before.

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Let me take a look at your driver's license.

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Was anybody else absent?

That's the concern.

I have a rash around my anus.

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Alejandro could've hurt himself.

Just like you want it to.

All men are equal under the law.


This is the third time I've heard this song today.

I like my coffee strong.

He could not help feeling sorry for her.

We must achieve our aim at any price.

I want it tapered in the back.

The heavy rain prevented me from going out.

Desperation makes the soldier or the monk.

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I told them I changed my opinion.

Kimmo is 50 years behind the times.

When the counter value reaches the assigned 'lucky-number' it displays a congratulatory message.

The child doesn't cry anymore.

I guess I have no choice but to work out now.

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Have you seen my cousin lately?

The incident left a spot on his reputation.

We're not going to let him die.


Jack was born on August tenth.


Those selected will have to face extensive medical and psychological tests.

The straits were too narrow for the cruise ship.

It's an omen.


I need you gone.

The new highways are magnificent.

Renu and Rajarshi were among the last to leave.


What kind of place is this?

The death of my mother left a big blank in my life.

He asked for my advice.

I made a deal with them.

Diplomats are allowed various privileges.

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Who is sleeping in my bed?

I have just been to Sapporo Station to see my mother off.

Let things take their own course.


I'm very quiet in class.


You're taking advantage of her weakness.

He's a humourless person.

No one takes us seriously.

Jiri's ugly.

She can't so much as write her own name.

Detroit was called the Paris of the West.

Shel never went back to Boston.

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I think we're getting behind in this work.

Charlene hadn't talked to them in years.

Why would I laugh?


That's very handy.


Maybe I shouldn't have kissed Leo.

As for me, I don't trust him at all.

Jianyun bought a camera not too long ago.

If he had not died so young, he would have become a great scientist.

Women don't usually want to talk with me.

I'm not sure I trust you anymore.

Who gave the order to fire?

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I belong here.

Hartman Witwer was a famous Lviv-based sculptor.

Help me print this.

Why did she remain in Germany?

They were urgent in their demand.

Boyd is wearing leather shorts.

I'll see you a week from today.

I should be with him.

I spent all day wondering what I should do.


I took it for granted that she had received my letter.

We had a very busy day.

Why are we more afraid of things invisible?

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Teri isn't used to being ignored.

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I know a great Chinese restaurant not far from here.

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Bob worked as a clerk in the grocery store on Saturday.


Bryce is the best player on the team.

I don't know English.

It's the right thing to do.


Dan punched Matt with a boxing glove.

The rain that fell during the last few days has filled the swamps.

How was choir practice?

Stu is going to enjoy this.

It's a black-and-white picture.

How desperate are you?

No one wants to kiss a pessimist.


Can I buy a ticket on the bus?


Mikey won a Nobel prize.

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By turning the page, we can dismiss the characters in a book without fear of hurting their feelings.

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That's too bad. Please take care of yourself.

An artist must have an eye for color.

To want means to be able.

We should leave something for our children.

Far from refuting the thesis that race is to blame for lower IQ score, Lynn's data actually supports it.


I want you to go to Boston.

Are you still hungry or have you had enough?

The milk's a bit off.

Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

Jun is furious.

I refer you to the dictionary for the correct spelling.

You should've seen her.

Let him pay for it.

I get on well with all my workmates.

Give me the coordinates.

I want to reserve a first-class stateroom.

I tried to argue my father into buying a new car.

A deal is a deal.

He is antisocial.

The next time I tell you to do something, do it.

Yesterday, I went to sleep at ten o'clock.

I asked for this thirty minutes ago.

Blood poured from the cut vein.

Was I the one who told you that?


Who called you?

Space didn't get home until way after midnight.

You waited for me? Thanks!


Erwin wants to see us right away.


What the hell is this?

My wife likes apple pie a lot.

The soccer player kicked the ball.

Walk with us.

Sonja tried to find out what he was up against.


The investigation is over.

The letter was written in the Queen's own hand.

I prefer drinking coffee to drinking tea.

The government has made efforts to make our country clean and green.

I heard that Marcia is living in Boston.


Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.

Socorrito doesn't smile.

The Moon is really beautiful tonight.

Carlos turned around.

I wonder how nutritious that is.

I exerted myself to pass the examination.

Sharan was eating popcorn out of a large bowl.

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I hear your childish laughter.

We must inform the management of what's going on.

I'm meeting Piet for lunch at a restaurant on Park Street.

Dennis lay flat on the floor.

They are important matters.


I was angry and confused.


I motivated you.