Our promise

We will set you free from EMIs and Banks, and give your financial
life back into your hands, all with no extra borrowing!

What We Do?

We help people to come out of debt. We free up the monthly cashflow of people so that there is more money for you to spend on your family, invest where you want to, and lead a peaceful life.

We believe that your money belongs to you and your family. We help you to come out of the debt trap.

How We Do?

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying,
“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn't pays it".

We use reverse power of compounding to set you free from debt.

Hear What Are Clients Say.

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    NADEERA Senior Telecom Architect/Manager.

    In 2017, I had a debt of 21 lakhs. I thought that once the debt is closed, I can retire and lead a peaceful life. I have set a 20 year tenure for this, until I met Tom. By following the reverse power of compounding approach, I have closed the 21 lakhs in 6 months time, without any financial help from any one. Now I am investing my surplus money.

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    When I met Tom, I had a debt pile of 78 lakhs. I never had any money in had though I had a salary of more than 1 lakhs, since all my money was used for for repaying loans. I realyy struggled to make daily expenses.

    After I met Tom, and following his method, I have closed, 15 lakhs in 6 months time, with no financial support from any one. I will be debt free in two years’ time.

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    KUMAR Senior IT Architect, Major IT company.

    Mine is an unsuccessful story. I had known Tom and he had spend good amount of time analysing my debt and charting plan to come out of it. I have discovered unused money pile, by due to my uncontrolled nature, never able to implement the plan he has suggested. I still have the debts and struggle financially since did not cooperate with Tom by following the plan. Though the approach reverse power of compounding is very powerful, my lack of commitment made me fail.


Questions and Answers.

Can you help me to reduce my debt burden ?

Yes. We eliminate your debts. You will not have any EMI to pay. Means all your salary you can enjoy or invest.

How can we reach you?

Please us the below link to reach us. We will revert to you and speak to you at a time convenient for you.

How much do we charge?

We operate on two modes. Free service and paid service. There won’t be any difference in quality between these two modes. If you choose to pay, your fee will be.05% of the outstanding debt.

Can I trust you ?

Yes, I have used this approach to come out of debt. I have helped my friends to come out of debt. Now I am extending this help to everyone.


Before we start working with you, there will be a confidentiality agreement signed between us, so that we take responsibility to protect your financial data.


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