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Ce soir, jeudi 26 février à 20h50, on saura enfin quels candidats accéderont à la demi-finale de (541) 334-9838 sur D8 ! Si ces derniers donneront tout afin de convaincre le jury composé d’Elodie Frégé, Yarol Poupaud, André Manoukian et 7472473895, une ancienne de l’émission a prévu de mettre le feu sur scène : Luce. La gagnante de la saison 8 en 2010 fera une apparition afin d’interpréter Malibu, extrait de son deuxième album Chaud. Pour le site Metronews, la chanteuse qui perd du poids un peu plus tous les mois a évoqué les raisons de sa métamorphose.


J’ai changé de mode de vie en quittant le cocon familial. Je grignote moins et je fais plus de sport“, a raconté celle qui a récemment dévoilé le clip de son nouveau morceau Polka. Mais ce n’est pas seulement pour elle que la jeune femme a changé de mode de vie. Comme elle l’explique ensuite, son poids a visiblement été une sorte de handicap. “J’ai surtout pris conscience de mon corps. Avec Nouvelle Star, j’ai pris conscience que j’étais grosse. J’aimais bien mes rondeurs, j’étais à l’aise avec les autres, mais j’ai vu que c’était un problème pour certains“, lâche-t-elle. Après avoir réglé “des problèmes émotionnels” comme l’explique Luce, la jeune femme a donc fini par trouver son équilibre et avoue tout de même se sentir plus féminine.

Alors qu’on pourrait imaginer que Luce apprécierait un concept de télé-crochet comme The Voice (TF1) qui a pour particularité de faire passer la voix avant le physique des candidats, la jeune femme trouve au contraire que le concept du programme est “faussé” : “D’abord parce que le jury est souvent plus content quand il voit quelqu’un de beau physiquement et ensuite, c’est le public qui vote et qui privilégie souvent l’apparence. C’est chouette si ça peut faire évoluer les mentalités, mais je n’y crois pas.

Toujours bien dans sa peau et adepte des looks décalés, Luce continue régulièrement de dévoiler sa métamorphose physique sur son compte Facebook. Nul doute que ce soir la chanteuse saura une fois de plus étonner les téléspectateurs !

Sarah Rahimipour

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Does Breastfeeding Make You Smarter?

Good nutrition has been shown to help with survival, growth, mental development, health, and well-being across one’s lifespan. Unearthing precisely what to eat to help achieve maximal benefit has been the subject of many research studies and debates, especially regarding childhood nutrition starting at an early age.

Breastfeeding has been recognized for its ability to provide infants with essential nutrients to help with growth and development. Research has shown there are many benefits associated with breastfeeding, such as building a healthy gut microbiota and increasing the bond between mother and child. The child benefits from the nutrients found in breast milk, such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids essential for cognitive development. Somewhere down the line the notion that breastfeeding can make your smarter has been perpetuated. However, this has not yet been proven.

Researchers from the University College Dublin in Ireland conducted a study to investigate the impact of breastfeeding on children’s cognitive development. Around 8,000 families from the Growing Up in Ireland longitudinal infant cohort were randomly selected to participate. Data was collected when the child was 9 months old, 3 years old, and 5 years old. Questionnaires were used to measure children’s cognitive abilities, expressive vocabulary, and problem behaviors, and breastfeeding data was collected as retrospective self-report from the mothers. Propensity score matching, instrument variables, and sibling pair models were used for the analysis. The “breastfed” and “never breastfed” groups were matched based on infant, mother, and family-level factors, such as birth weight and maternal age.

Children who were breastfed scored higher on the problem-solving scale. However, after adjusting for potential confounders, this result was found to be no longer significant. This means other factors, such as socioeconomic status, could better explain the variability here. Breastfed children had lower parent-rated hyperactivity compared with controls after the adjustment, but this effect was only seen at 3 years of age. This may mean that breastfeeding helps reduce hyperactivity in the short term, but this effect was not maintained. Although the researchers found no evidence to support that breastfeeding helps improve cognitive abilities, they did note that their study did not contradict any of the medical benefits of breastfeeding. Research on breastfeeding will continue to be done and hopefully we will see more positive findings emerge in this area. For now, the current World Health Organization recommendation for breastfeeding is to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months of a child’s life, if you are able.

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5 Gifts for a Messy Person This Holiday Season

Unless everyone you know is a housekeeping professional, you probably have a disorganized or messy person on your holiday shopping list. Wondering how to help someone get organized? Maybe give the messy people in your life a present that will help them keep things tidy and orderly, without downright insulting them and their approach towards cleaning house.

Take a look at five gifts for a messy person that could be life-changing.

1. Vacuuming and Mopping Robots
Thanks to technology, robots can clean our floors! And to get the best results, you need to keep the floor clear to begin with, which lends itself to a tidier household. These devices aren’t cheap, so the messy person in question will probably be really high up on your “Nice” list. However, you can bet the recipient will get your money’s worth out of these gifts.

One note: When purchasing these products, make sure you’re buying from a reputable company. There are some scammers quoting ridiculously low prices out there, so if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Organizers
These days, there’s a container or bin to coordinate and control anything and everything you can think of, meaning it’s easy to customize gifts for organizing. Try a tea bag organizer for your bud who loves a good brew. Your friend having trouble getting family meals on the table might benefit from a meal planner. Shoe racks. Cosmetic storage drawers. Purse organizers. Decorative jewelry holders. Chances are good you’ll find an organizational tool to help your messy person out.

3. Key Keepers
Do you have a friend who’s infamous for running late because he can never find his keys? One of the best gifts for a messy person is a means of keeping small personal belongings in a single place, so that they don’t get lost. Consider creative hooks and wall-mounted key holders with shelves to hold billfolds, sunglasses and purses. Or go high tech with tiny Bluetooth trackers that can be fastened to key chains, placed in wallets or attached to smartphones and other electronics.

4. A Self-Help Book
But not just any self-help book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. If your messy person is also a bookworm, this bestseller may resonate with him or her. Kondo is famous in the cleaning world for her decluttering instructions that help you say goodbye to clutter, as well as her organizational techniques. You may even want a copy for yourself!

5. Merry Maids Gift Cards
We’ve left the best for last: What better gift for a messy person than a team of professional housekeepers? Give your friends a Merry Maids gift card, and they can schedule a cleaning appointment when it’s convenient for them. Our Merry Maids teams will take care of the washing and tidying, so your messy friends can kick back and relax.

You may not ever transform your untidy loved ones into neat freaks. However, with some thoughtful gifts for organizing, you could inspire them to add a little order to their lives. Who knows? By this time next year, they might be giving you advice on how to keep a tidy home.

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Paper Christmas Ornaments are SO FUN to make. They can be surprisngly easy (depending on what technique you use) but are most definitely versatile and come in many different seasonal ornament designs. I love making the “paper bauble” variety and seeing what themes I can adapt them too. Of course just using colourful paper makes these paper baubles super easy and pretty.. however, you can also turn them into something new and decorative. Recently we made some ADORABLE Paper Unicorn Ornaments.. and today we have these quirky, quick and fun Paper Reindeer Ornament. You may have spotted our similar but oh so different Rudolph Ornament that we also published recently… basically.. I wanted to make “a rudolph/ reindeer” and couldn’t decide on which version. I think today’s reindeer ornament (complete with printable) is “prettier” or “cuter”, whilst our Rudolph ornament is simpler and more “fun”. Both a great (of course) for different reasons! You can make this as a Pop Up Reindeer Card too.

Paper Reindeer Ornament – Materials
We have some super handy printables for you (as increasingly frequent!! Teehee!)… and you have a choice of using – the TEMPLATES ONLY (I have included a version where you can print out your own circles) OR you can use the “head/ legs and tail” part of the printable only and combine with brown paper or brown construction paper. I prefer doing the latter – as the finish is a little neater! It doesn’t matter if your brown paper doesn’t exactly match the printables….

Some brown paper (enough to cut 8 medium sized circles) – if you are choosing this option!
Your printables – choose from – Reindeer Body Template or COMPLETE Reindeer Template
Glue stick
String for hanging

How to make a Rudolph Bauble Ornament
How to Make Paper Baubles (step by step)
The craft, I believe is really easy and quite effective.
1) Cut out 8 circle. You need to cut these as perfectly as possible for the finished effect to be at its best. Use the circle on your template (or a small cup to trace). Or if you are using the FULL template.. cut out all 8 brown circles as neatly as possible.
2) Fold circles in half. Make a good crease. If you are using printed circles, the brown should fold into the INSIDE. The back of the paper (white) should be on the outside.
3) Cut our your Reindeer Body, Legs and Tails. You will notice “mirroring items”. Glue the heads together, the tails together.. for the legs, fold and glue.

4) Take your Reindeer’s head and one set of legs and glue 4 of your brown paper circle halves to one side and four to the other..

5) Then add the tail and second set of legs.

6) Prepare some baker’s twine.

7) Add lots of glue and bring the top and the bottom half circle togethe to form your paper bauble.

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