Ownership Questions Answered Today?

June 8, 2012 posted by

So much going on today. Too crazy to think that our pain might finally be at an end. But if the City votes to do the deal with Greg Jamison that is exactly what we’re looking at. I realize it is way too late in the game for this statement but I’m gonna make it anyway. Why in the world is the City of GLENDALE negotiating these sports contracts? Who has the experience, the contacts, hell, the ‘anything’ needed to swim with sharks like the NHL or Jamison ? Certainly not Ed Beasley and Co. This entire thing should have … Continue Reading ⟩⟩

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Down Not Out – Where My Dawgs At?

May 17, 2012 posted by

Ouch, damn or is it damn, ouch? Not sure which way that should go and apparently my Dawgs aren’t either. The Kings have figured out something no other post season opponent did. You aren’t going to stop Mike Smith from being a great goalie. Why bother to try? The best thing to do apparently is rattle his cage as often as possible and as viciously as you can. Why? You have to ask? Because this team will freak the hell out and lose their shit every time Smith gets touched. A pissed team is an easy target – piss them off and … Continue Reading ⟩⟩

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(518) 337-1500

May 9, 2012 posted by

Went to the council meeting, against my better judgement. I thought it might be better to step out of the way and let the Glendale resident fans step up and be counted. I thought that there would be a surge of these folks who would somehow miraculously rise from the bandwagon and show the council that they too, are willing to do hockey the hard way. A young girl named Brook Kowacz (yeah her last name is worse to pronounce than mine) but this chickie has cojones as big as Mike Smith’s. At her young age she decided to take … Continue Reading ⟩⟩

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May 8, 2012 posted by

Councilwoman Clark sent out a change of plan and Tweeted a message to the Coyotes fans: Calling all Coyotes ticket holders who LIVE in Glendale. Please DO attend Tues eve City Council mtg and plan to speak. You can help keep the Coyotes in Glendale and the Zonienation wants you to join them at the City Council meeting tonight. The Coyotes are currently on their best playoff run since moving to Arizona in 1996. This playoff run has been impressive so far, especially when you consider the challenges the team has faced over the years. Let’s do our part to support … Continue Reading ⟩⟩

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