We keep things like that in a locked room in the basement.

He sat with his eyes closed.

Rudy finished the job in three days.

You're a month behind in your rent.

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I'm not sure how to be a good mother and wife.

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She has many valuable books.

I saw him go out of the room just now.

You were brilliant.

What does Murray want me to do?

Luis certainly didn't seem to be expecting us.

Patricio and Srinivasan both look extremely happy.

She remained my best friend till her dying day.

I know what you must be going through.

Mr. Smith teaches me English.

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I haven't gotten your e-mail yet. Maybe you typed in the wrong address?


Did you like the flowers I sent you?

I'm open for suggestions.

If it should rain tomorrow afternoon, we will meet in the gym.


There are lots of theories about the origins of language, but, in fact, no one really knows.

I've got a splendid idea.

How long should I rest?

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You can't decrease the size of this file without losing quality.

He'd prefer to go on Friday.

Suyog really let himself go.


I had to have two fillings.

Is Conrad seriously thinking about not going to today's meeting?

Give him the disk.

Don't come back too soon.

Tao is part of the working poor.


People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.

I might have something to offer you.

Elvis knows that he doesn't know.

Carlo stormed out of the building.

Google collects the private information of their users.

Can I borrow your jump drive?

During the 60s and 70s, she published her most famous books.

Gordon says he doesn't know why Malloy didn't enjoy the movie.

Love your parents as dearly as your parents love you.

I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We put off our departure owing to the storm.

I need to get away from him.

Don't answer the door, whoever it is.

The first person I met in Boston was Lester.

It was a disagreement.

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Did Pierre tell you he was having money problems?


Is my new hair style funny?

Last night I wrote three letters.

Lord doesn't think it's such a big problem.

In the name of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Claudio Soarez Rocha expressed admiration for the continuing effort which Esperanto-speaking people throughout the world are always making, for the greater spread of Esperanto. He wrote, amongst other things,"We know that in the history of mankind, there have been languages that have become intrusive as a result of political power, such as Latin, or to a certain extent French and lately, English. We very much wish, in fact, that one day Esperanto could be accepted by the majority of the nations, as a language adopted to facilitate communication without linguistic privileges."

We were busy with housework.


They have no idea what's going on.


I'll have to catch the 8:15 train to Paris.

I hope we find them.

Dana thinks those shoes will be too big.

Are you afraid of dogs?

We see that it's happening.


Marion is prejudiced, isn't he?

You love your wife, right?

This shop is open from 9am to 6pm.

The pen is on the desk.

On Tatoeba, there are a lot of grammatically correct but strange sentences, hardly comprehensible out of context.

Sergei put the documents through the shredding machine.

Are you scared to talk to girls?

I can deal with it.

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she fell in love.


I exercise every day.

That night was very cold.

If we don't make the utmost effort to protect the rainforests, many of the rare species in them will become extinct.

I don't know how much more time this is going to take.

She has a few books.


I didn't do it on purpose.

I was constrained to tell a lie.

Passers-by were confronted with a horrific scene after the high-speed accident.

Ralf is getting the boat ready.

The increase of the population is a serious problem.


Wolfgang got sidetracked.

Spare me the technical details.

This is no myth.

I hear you're very good at French.

I was very unlucky.

You have to go talk to him.

Eating meat is bad for your health and for the environment.

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What've you been doing to Pratapwant?

Dorian has a kid.

Could you show me the way to the port?


Kenneth is a bad girl.

Why are we listening to her?

I won't let Tommy interfere.

There is no limit.

Your letter has arrived too late.


Where is her dog?

He had a classic education.

I am a child.

Patricia tossed his sleeping bag into the tent.

She is proud of her son.

May they live long!

This isn't news to anyone.

I don't like it when people ignore me.

Shadow should apologize.

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If you do something that stupid, you'll be laughed at.

Have you learned your lesson?

Impossible isn't French.

The daughter knits.

Marlena is to die by lethal injection tonight.

Becky hasn't talked to me since we had that argument.

He is the person to lead the next generation.


I loved working here with you.

I'll let them know you called.

Do you think you can fix that?

What she said did not make sense.

Is there anything that we can do?


At last, it began to rain.

In the 1600s, tea was introduced into Europe from India.

Jesse divorced Neil last year.

He connects himself with the law firm.

Carter didn't stay there very long.

Jeremy has a meeting this afternoon at 2:30.

I already spoke to her.

I am looking at the pictures of Jane.

You're incredibly cute.

She is a really nice lady.

I couldn't make myself understood.


Tell us something.

I got blamed and laughed at.

Don't be so immature.

If one wants to grow, one must not avoid hardships.

A bento is a small meal made of boiled rice and seaweed, that is sold in cheap wooden boxes.


He has a bad reputation of being dishonest.

I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker no matter how much I try.

The English are a taciturn people.

She has a sensual mouth.

May the force be with you.


It's the best season of the year.

Boys tend to look down on their sisters.

What killed her?

While waiting for bus, I was caught in a shower.

The other day he said to me, "I will lend you this book tomorrow."


The boy over there reading a book is Pat.


He looks very good.

Her heart was racing.

My uncles come to see me from time to time.

We appreciate it.

It is finally all over. Now we can relax.


The readers are the real target of interviews.


Conceive. That is the word that means both the beginning in imagination and the end in creation.

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I came here today to talk to Wilson.


Vincenzo can't understand Ram's motives.


The teacher noted several mistakes in my recitation.

Victor quarreled with Edgar.

Dan had to decide whom to believe.

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I need your advice on what I should do next.

Maybe you shouldn't be alone now.

The baby almost choked on a piece of candy.


The chances are that she will win the game.

These things happen.

Don't give me that book. Give me the other one.

Jack isn't there.

I am extremely envious of those people.

He writes a daily journal, and that inspired me to try doing the same thing, but in English.

How was that possible?

I'm allergic to dogs.

The girl wanted all her father's love for herself and tended to see her mother merely as a rival.

Clay will have to do the work.

Don't let him tear this picture.

Could you explain to me why you think these rules don't apply anymore?

Tell me what makes you so depressed.