Tuna never leaves the house without her hijab.

They went on vacation together.

His speech was an unmitigated disaster.


I've stopped opening up so much now.

No one complained about it.

To begin with, you must be honest.


My headache is gone.

He had no qualms in doing so.

Mom will buy us a puppy.

He is a good speaker of Spanish.

Here is a book.

I'll see you at the airport.

I could have told you that.

Don't throw a stone at the dog.

How did you come by these books?

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I am nineteen years old.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Andrea is very blunt.

I'll leave Tokyo for Osaka tonight.

This is just my opinion.

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You don't have any money.

Does he have a dog?

Today young people find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a world torn by international bitterness and the threat of nuclear destruction.


Who spoke?

A bad habit is easily acquired.

Don't waste your allowance on useless things.


Won't you have another glass of milk?

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I vouch for his sincerity.


Which is the operating profit in the same period?


I fixed the clocks.

Oscar speaks fluent French.

She writes music for a living.


I'm sure that shirt will look good on you.

He acquired Russian quickly.

Let her know.


He speaks five languages.

It is on his father that he depends.

Does that sounds familiar?


You're standing in my way.

She gave me a hard kick on my right leg.

Let her do all the talking.

The moon is risen.

I've forgotten.


God gave us the power to love.


Before you criticize a man, you should always walk a mile in his shoes.

Why don't you leave, Hon?

As her car hit the lamp post, Amigo broke both legs, and her head and arms were badly cut up as her body went partway through the windshield.

Advertisers can target ads on Facebook based on users' profiles.

What kind of little birds are sitting up there on the little wall?

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Let's plan a trip to Australia.

What is better than friendship?

She has decided to live in the United States for good.

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I'm going to meet a customer in his office today.


The floors were clean.

Just as many memories of the past and feelings are stored up in the body as in the spirit.

He just wants to be left alone.


I will never have a daughter.

No, that's not what I mean.

What you are saying is absolutely wrong.

Johnny is an adult.

Mark and Paul are my friends: one is a doctor and the other is a cobbler.


When Dad came home, I was watching TV.

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Roberta has a visitor.

Do you have a place to stay?

Athens is in Greece.


The sun of the east shall rise in the west.


That article makes fun of vegetarians.

Olof might have said more, but Cristopher interrupted him.

He must find work.

I always win.

Mac makes a lot more money than Sid.

Why don't you get a little sleep?

I sponged a dinner off my uncle.


Her husband asked her to throw that old hat away.

Hirofumi was shocked by Ernie's attitude.

Lewis wanted to come, too.

Dan helped Linda with her essay.

She has a slender waist.


The teacher made all of his female students fall in love with him.


Would Mitchell really do that for us?

Miles kept us waiting for a long time.

Dorian finally persuaded Jacobson to buy it.

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They devised ingenious solutions.

He carried six boxes at a time.

A fallen tree blocked the path.


Why would somebody do something like that?


There's nothing better than that.

If you goof it up twice, I suggest hightailing it to Moscow or someplace.

There is not enough bread.

I don't follow.

You went to Shanghai, right?

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I didn't know you were hiring.


We have just met on the corridor.

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Bobbie is clearly a paranoid schizophrenic.


Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

I'm not working your land.

There are rare animals in Australia.

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"Hey, why is the window open?" "I just opened it to let in a little air. If you're cold, feel free to close it."

Her life is in danger.

It's not necessary to take all of that medicine.


Most people struggle with using the subjunctive mood.

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Make the new guy do it.


Do you have a bicycle?


Mitch would've liked you. It's too bad that you never met each other.

Most of the Finnish people are very friendly to Chinese people.

Alf bought a new camera.


It's not like I want you here.

Why are you staying?

There will be an answer.

I didn't know Rand was your girlfriend.

Meetings are to be held on the afternoon of July 15 (Tuesday), all day July 16 (Wednesday), and the morning of July 17 (Thursday).

You'll be receiving your refund in the mail.

Her accent gave her away.

The speaker was restrained in his attitude.

I believe that's what you said.


Are you sure this is the room we're supposed to be in?

The product carries a high price tag.

Contact me by ordinary mail.

I would like a bottle of cough mixture.

Can you repair it?

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That's my favorite movie.


She has such a kind heart.

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Can I do exercises?


At the end of April, the water of the Yellow River had darkened.


Do you have something else in mind?

My news isn't too important to people who don't want to know.

Everything is going to be OK.

It's a shame I can't afford the gift she deserves.

What's Keith supposed to say?

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I can't stand that bloke.

Our garden has two cherry trees.

I want Troy to help us.

The odds are two-to-one that the Reds win.

Well, Evelyn, you know how much your approval means to me.

The sea indented the coastline.

It lives inside an apple.

I can't reformat my harddrive. It's too big.

Help me zip up my dress.

How's it going at work, do you feel a little better there?

Nazi comparisons are inappropriate in every situation.

The sun furnishes heat and light.

The bug is thirsty.

What's Socorrito hiding?

Curt was given orders.

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He's been grounded for a week.

On the street at night, Tovah was threatened by an unfamiliar man with a knife and robbed of his money.

I'm quite sure of it.

The pain never went away.

What are you piddle-farting around for? I could do that in 10 minutes.

Do you like Ti's tattoos?

I wish Rick were dead.

He picked me up on his way home.

Do you happen to know the time?