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1. Chien-Chu Lin, Shih-Chieh Su, Ming-Yuan Su, Pi-Hui Liang, Chia-Cheng Feng, Shih-Hsiung Wu, Chung-I Chang
2. Shih-Chieh Su, Chien-Chu Lin, Hui-Chung Tai, Mu-Yueh Chang, Meng-Ru Ho, C. Satheesan Babu, Jiahn-Haur Liao, Shih-Hsiung Wu, Yuan-Chih Chang, Carmay Lim, Chung-I Chang
Though geographically compact, Taiwan is a hot spring of resources. In fact, researching “extreme” organisms from hot springs may help answer ... Read more
Jiang YF, Lin SS, Chen JM, Tsai HZ, Hsieh TS, Fu CY Sci Rep. (2017)

2018/11/12  11:00-12:00 ICOB 1F Auditorium
Dr. Sriram Subramaniam
"Cryo-EM and potential for use in drug discovery"
2018/11/08  12:00-13:00 IBC R303
Dr. Yoshitaka Bessho & Dr. Wei-Cheng Huang
(877) 747-4619
2018/10/27  14:00-15:00 IBC 103 Auditorium [AS Open House]
Dr. Meng-Chiao Ho


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