What was the time of death?

I just need to rest.

My sister has been knitting since this morning.

I can't believe I'm here again.


I am in cloud number nine.


That river is dangerous.

I thought about calling Kristian, but I didn't.

It's not so good.

We want to keep everybody safe.

I'm a thief, I'll go back when I've taken the stuff. Report me and I'll stab you.

Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils; they differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.

Clark wished he hadn't told Gale anything.


I agree with your assessment.

Hope is not a strategy.

He promised me he would come early.

Jealousy is a disease; love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often confuses one for the other, or assumes the greater the love, the greater the jealousy. In fact they are almost incompatible; both at once produce unbearable turmoil.

Alf should've gone home earlier.

I'm starting to see what you mean.

They talked politics.


Kerry reached in her purse and pulled out her checkbook.


Upon a pear tree grows a pear.

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Now, tell me what I want to know.


I'd rather hang out with Wilson.


He lived here ten years ago.

Rex is nervous and scared.

He is late for meetings nine times out of ten.


Why don't you let me take a look?

"Come home early, Bill." "Yes, Mother."

Never be a conformist.

What was Nikolai called?

I didn't know you wanted to learn how to swim.

I should be done in an hour.

Do you know how to use a word processor?

Everyone laughed except you.

Where are you supposed to be?

They're just out of my price range.

Werner Herzog makes outstanding documentaries and feature films.


Ready comprehension requires concetration, focusing entirely on one's reading.

Seagulls cause all types of disturbances by cackling loudly, spreading guano, tearing up garbage bags and attacking to get food.

She never talks bad about other people.

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We've lost them.

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Please listen to me attentively.

You probably smoke drugs. It makes you poorer.

Kyle's got a tremendous amount of work to do.

I've known Vicki for 13 years.

I only weighed 55 kilograms when I was in high school.


Cowards run at the first sign of danger.


Don't love using words or language, but love by actions and truth.

Everything was perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, like other developed countries, America is graying.


We live in the vicinity of the school.

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The house stank.


My father is proud of my being handsome.


We have a desire to be wealthy.

Is Ahmed always this helpful?

That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

Everett lives alone in the woods.

The wood grain in Brazilian rosewood is beautiful.

He was able to bring everything to a good end.

I've seen one many times.

Ofer wanted to surprise Kenton.

She turned a page of her book.


I don't have much money in my bank account.


The dog has a very keen sense of smell.


I had a good holiday.


He has many talents.


She is inquisitive, but I like her none the worse.

She considered him the man of her dreams.

His income has been reduced after he changed his job.

Stanley isn't bad.

Business failures are down 10% this year.


Donn just got back today.

We can't let you go.

Show me a fact which supports your idea.


By the time we got there, he had left.


I ran into Mason yesterday.


Give Syun an inch and he'll take a mile.

Dan went on trial for the murder of his wife, Linda.

You're definitely smarter than Toft.

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About thirty countries were represented.

Where did you get all that money from?

You must learn from your own mistakes.

Spass needed it.

I almost agree with him.

Do you think Conrad knows about what we did?

We might have frost next week.


I burp a lot.

We were afraid that we might hurt him.

Eating a good breakfast is very wise.


Why are we going this way?


These are the gloves Shankar bought me.


She is well liked by her students.

Syun has never had to work hard in his entire life.

I want some water.

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If he finds out, certainly he will be very angry.

Where can I buy a bathing suit?

It's not bad at all, in fact, it's really good.

I finished the work.

I think that blood vessels are bursting in my lungs when I cough.

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He took out the maximum insurance.

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I wonder if Ram Jackson is his real name.

Hector seemed to be satisfied with the results.

I understand you were Barbra's best friend.

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Sylvan was too stunned to say anything.

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You had better consult with your teacher.

We want to talk with them.

You two will work as a team.

Where did you circumcise them?

In order to avoid confusion, the bottom is labelled too.

He took me by the arm and looked me in the eye.

It's polite to say "itadakimasu" before eating one's meal.

The yin is dark, while the yang bright.

I can't go any further.

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You may not like this book.

She wasn't beautiful, but she had big, kind brown eyes and a sweet smile.

Mah wore a long, loose-fitting coat.


I'm getting used to doing this.

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When she first saw the size of it, my naive girlfriend was blown away.


His family really loves watching television every day.


Heinrich gave a short talk.


I'm fairly sure I'm right about this.

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I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."

We both did really well.

It's something I have to do.

Let your uncle think about it.

We must prepare so that we will regret nothing.


Please let us know the prices and earliest delivery of your Steel Landscape Edgings #STL3456.

Tor recognized the smell.

I used to believe that.

Circumstances do not permit me such a holiday.

I asked Roman to meet me at the train station.

I want to try to be as aggressive as possible.

Do I sound in love?


I went to college with him.


Don't worry too much, or you'll go bald.

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I cannot get angry with Taninna. She's my only sister.


We've been waiting for this.

Ed opened his safe, took out a wad of notes and handed them to Slartibartfast.

I don't think we should drink this water.

Did Dwight say how he did it?

She is happiest when she is at home.


I think Hotta wants Belinda to notice her.

Even though Miriam eats mostly junk food, he rarely gets sick and his BMI is in the normal range.

Beware of 'One Ring' malicious nuisance calls!!

There's a rumor in my mother's village that we have Japanese ancestors. I don't know what to make of it.

Is this bike yours?

Why did things change?

The plane is taking off.

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She never mentioned it again.