The animal struggled to get out of the cage.

That's the last we saw of them.

She is impatient for her holidays.

Tim and Arlene understood each other.

You shouldn't talk here.


She taught him everything she knew.

How many volunteers did you get?

I want to talk with him.


Can you hear anything?

You seem a little better than you were before.

The length of days and the length of years hardly vary at all.


I'll find another one.

Brad wants children, but Carlo doesn't.

Daddy, buy me a vuvuzela!

Do your work quickly.

I don't speak three languages.

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George's sister buttered a few sandwiches for me.


Have her come see me.

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A lot of kids wear them.

This page is intentionally left blank.

When was the last time you visited Boston?

Parliament has its beginnings in 14th-century England.

I expect the board to issue a new directive that cancels the old one.

I only quit because you asked me to.

Thanks to his efforts, he attained his object.

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Cristina is being watched.

I'll guard the door.

He is the more able of the two boys.

But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself.

I have a sharp pain in the stomach.


Rod wasn't sure whether he should do that or not.


Kenn's boss is Canadian.

I haven't the vaguest idea.

She was able to solve the problem in ten minutes.

It was too late for the party.

"How much wine did you buy?" "Half a bottle."

I'm looking forward to seeing him.

I am not a philologist.

All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

He gets up the tree without difficulty.

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She can't cook well.

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Shyam looks somewhat unhappy.

I can't go out either today or tomorrow. It's just that I'm really swamped with work. I have priorities to attend to first.

The question is whether he's still alive.

I like to keep it simple.

I have to visit them.


Leads asked Jeffrey to think it over.

Do you need something else?

I'll never be another Sherlock Holmes.

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Where did you find my glasses?

She's burying her money in the sand.

Are you suggesting it's a design flaw?

Instead of giving me another mendacious story, just be honest for once.

There are many beautiful parks in London.


Why am I here?

Eric pulled the chain on the closet light.

Have you ever won a prize?

Titan's surface pressure is 146.7 kPa, whilst Earth's is 101.325 kPa.

Kieran ran into the woods.

He is what we call a self-made man.

This can't be the only option open to us.


The skaters glided across the ice.


Do whatever you want. I don't care.

When does No.4 bus arrive?

If you are a member of a primitive community and wish to produce food, for example, there are two things you must do.

I caught a glimpse of her.

He had reached the limits of his patience.

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Why do you have my phone?


Amy accidentally swallowed a coin.


Joel and Presley are very busy.

The rain stopped at last.

The brake isn't working well.

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There had never been a conflict between Dan and Linda.


I have no idea how Hume did that.

Nothing can move through space faster than light.

Tomorrow, I have plans to go to Tokyo.

How did the meeting go?

What am I doing this for?

I knew I'd find you with him.

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Ravi is running out of time.

Is it real expensive?


Do you smell that?

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If this is the case, its victims are usually young calves, injured or sick animals.


There may be something there.

He's an underwater archaeologist.

She allowed her child to be drowned.

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They tied the thief to the tree.

Why did you want me to leave?

That's what I was trying to tell you.


How many times do I have to tell you this?

I wish I had solar-powered car.

It's about five miles.

The plane was on the point of taking off.

Do you like the taste of lemons?

Where were you at 2:30 on Monday afternoon?

We made some stupid mistakes.

We got better this week.

We'll go back to Boston together.

How well Tony can play tennis!

These are all I have.

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Trent is delicate.

Warren Harding had owned a newspaper in Ohio.

He knows he acted badly.


I can get it from him.

I won't help you.

I arrived just when Martha was leaving.

Small children are very curious.

Did Jorge tell you where he bought it?

Then he lay on the same bed.

He put his things down and left.


Sekar is a computer geek.

He seldom stays home on Sundays.

I look forward to speaking with you again.


This is my sister's camera.


In a vast space left empty between the crowd and the fire, a young girl danced.

Carlos isn't very talented, is he?

He is anxious to read the book.

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I had to tell them about myself.


He againest monopoly. He has been to against monopoly.

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I don't want to hurt your feelings.

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It has been 33 years since Marilyn Monroe died.

He has experience as well as learning.

I promised I wouldn't eat before Herb got home.

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They're still in there.

It's a lot too thin that our henpecked husband in fact hooked up the wallflower.

This is the handbag I bought in Italy.

You underestimate me.

Keep in touch!

There is no life without water.

This sofa is not nice.


You might want to encourage Sigurd to do his own homework early.

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I see no other course of action.

John likes the nurse.

The runner had reached the halfway mark.

I don't think that'll be possible at all.

I'm sorry I called you names.

Mott seems to be more interested in making money than in helping others.

I have lived here for thirty years.

Control yourself.

I've decided to stay.

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So what if that's what happened.

I am leaving right away.

That old house is thought to be haunted.

We found the stray dog and decided to keep it.

Do you know what's going on in there?

How long do we have to do this?

He wasted that which he had received from his father.

They liked big cars.

I'll be there at five p.m.


They were low enough in cost so many Americans could buy them.

I agree with you that we should try again.

We have a lot of relatives.

I'm overreacting.

She is one of the most generous people I know.

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It's sort of cool.


That was smart.