I told them I was OK.

The streets were overflowing with young couples.

I swore I'd never do that.

Marty lost a book.

The balloon will burst.

"Did you know the word 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?" "What? Really?"

Mac is trying to get Nanda to agree to help him.

Were you fat when you were in high school?

I've seen Nadeem do it before.

His love grew cold.

She has let her house furnished.

They gained a victory.

We're going to make a wonderful team.

Have you got a pet?

I'll call Omar back.

Pravin doesn't want to live in the city.

I don't know when the machine should be turned off.

Some people just want to see the world burn.

We'll never catch them.

I rang the bell and waited.


As the children ran, they heard the sound of the broom sweeping the ground close behind them.

I want to give you something rare.

Nikolai found a good place for me live.


Abstract art is something to feel.

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Don't start getting paranoid.

We soon sold all merchandise.

Ranjit swerved off the road to avoid hitting a dog.

Everything was easy.

This man was asking for more.

As their language had no written form, the natives expressed deeds and events in carvings.

Carlos can't decide when he should leave.

You have to get closer.

We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Boyd's greedy.

I just want life to be like it was before.

Please answer by telex.

Is it true that the French are masters at flirting?

I need you to help me take care of Norbert's kids.

He's afraid of his own shadow.

I'll go with you to see the doctor.

The mother may well be proud of her wise son.

I took a trip across Canada last April.

I'll work for you as long as you keep paying me this well.

Down is warm.

Christina says that won't happen.

He was born and raised in Tokyo.

Pascal wasn't able to read in the dim light.

Which endings does this verb have in the present tense?

Antonio is average height.

Pilot is witty, isn't he?

Ramanan is a natural-born leader.

The first time Himawan ever saw Jeanne, he was wearing a beanie, strumming a ukulele, and singing an Irish ditty.

I took my shoes off and put them under the bed.

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Which do you like better, apples or oranges?

I thought you'd like to know what happened.

There's a spring in the center of the village.

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Are you going to vote for Scott Jackson?

I was thinking of buying a home in this area.

I wrote a memo.


He is different from his older brother.

Where exactly is he?

You are really talented.

He's better than us.

Maybe this weekend we could go to the beach together.

That's what's causing your hives.

Through the centuries, teleportation accelerated space exploration, even beyond the Solar System.

I happened to know her name.

One of Novo's fingers was broken.

Kathleen was arrested later that morning.

Horses eat grass.


Hey, where do you think you're taking that?

Those were ten minutes I'll never get back.

He never visited her.

Japan is dependent on foreign countries for oil.

And all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces, to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.

The horse that won the race is owned by Miltos Jackson.

I'm sick and tired of all this bickering.


Marriage can be a wonderful thing if two people understand each other.


I will go even if it rains tomorrow.

The less it is affected by the weather the better clock it is.

Where are your credit cards?

Nothing could be done about that.

Jason winced as the nurse gave him an injection.

I got home, took my shoes off and went to bed.

Every Tatoeba sentence should be commented and its translation discussed, unless it's completely obvious.

About thirty people attended Marcel's funeral.

Suddenly, Seth started giggling uncontrollably.

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All the friends that I sent invitations to came to the party.

The beauty of the sight is beyond description.

I've never trusted Lum and I never will.

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He is so honest that he always keeps his word.

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Marvin wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

Who else is down there?

It was a good answer.

I thought Loyd had resigned.

Let's meet this afternoon.


It is regarded as a grey area.

I have nothing to add to that.

The response is affirmative.

Miek couldn't be saved.

That makes you happy, doesn't it?

Only then did he realize he had been deceived.

I'd like a twin room, please.

Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they, Merat?

You have to account for the result.

Norma settled his account with the bank.

That project is proceeding slowly.

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What is that suitable for?

I didn't hear anything.

You can't imagine it, can you?

Everything in this store is really cheap.

I am taking a bath now.

I have a lot of work to clear up by the weekend.

I ate a burdock root tempura.


Manavendra isn't very tall, is he?

This car is my father's, but soon it will be mine.

Why didn't you tell me you were from Australia?

Why don't we just stay here?

She gets paid a lot.

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The European Union was created as a result of a desire to rise above French-German enmity.


They organized a temporary state government.


I've been waiting all day for you.

The final decision rests with the students themselves.

It has been raining on and off since last night.

Now give attention to what I am going to say.

Can you loan me thirty dollars for a cab?

That's absolutely correct.

I asked myself why.

I am not missing the point.

I'd like to apologise on behalf of my son.

I've seen my share of death.

My mommy and daddy will love me no matter what.

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Sam said he was a new student.

Yes, my name is Karen Smith.

He was pumping the pedals of the bicycle hard.

My mother is from Benin. She is Beninese.

We need to think big.

We congratulated him on his graduation.

Fred's not fat.

He did not repent of his idleness till he failed in the examination.

It's really embarrassing.

Stop. That tickles.

We had a record crop this year.

Jackye showed off his new mobile phone.

They made money by selling drugs into the huge market.

I could write even poetry in Arabic.

Harv was deeply moved by what Leslie said.


Let's talk out here.


Let's always tell each other the truth.

Where were you three years ago?

I think we should tell Dwayne.

That's really rough.

Duane will meet you tomorrow morning.

You should've paid your bills on time.

The old man stopped for a moment to rest.


I want to see you before you go.


Have him do it.


You really shouldn't have.

Alberto put air in his tires.

Lance asked Edwin to answer the telephone.

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Harvey is still trying to get here by 2:30.

Who broke the window? Tell the truth.

A fence between makes love more keen.

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He gave a lot to me.

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Why is Duke so grouchy today?

I bought her a clock.

Last night I stayed home to be able to receive your call.

We are looking forward to receiving your quote as soon as possible.

What did Jeffery expect Miriam to do?

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You're not a millionaire.

With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

He lies to you all the time.