Just tell me what it is you want to know.


Germans are a frugal people.

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"Smart mob" is sometimes perceived as a political danger - mostly in the countries lacking in traditions of democracy.


My mom used to tease me all the time about it.

Why are you so quick to defend Tony?

The rain washed away the soil.

He distributed his land among his sons.

It's not my place to question Lenora's loyalty.

I'd better go with them.

The girl was quick as a flash.

How could it only come so far?

I had my fingers caught in the door.

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I wish I were a millionaire.

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Sue died half a year later.


Do you agree about that?


What did dad say?


He rested his chin on his hands.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

As long as I'm going to be in London, I ought to see a play or two.

The future belongs to God.

Take her back.

No, I still prefer eating vegetables.

You will have to take on someone to do this work.

He is second to none in eloquence in the world of politics.

I had my suitcase carried to my room.


She put the infant in the child seat.

I didn't understand because they spoke in a low voice.

That sounds like a very good plan.

We've never given a concert in Boston.

Shai said he didn't answer Kurt's letter, because he was busy.

It's none of your concern.

Boston is a beautiful city.


I must make sure whether he is at home or not.

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Rudolf rubbed his palms together.

How is livelihood in America these day?

My door's always open.


She plants plants on the roofs of plants.

Do you know any doctor who speaks Japanese?

Why aren't you wearing a costume?

Scott decided that it wasn't necessary to take the medicine the doctor had given him.

These items are rather hard to obtain.

Laurianne looked through the supplies.

They contacted their local politicians.

You'll catch it from Mummy.

He attempted to swim across the river.


Give me the green book.

It's very cold this winter.

The starlet is getting on in years.

The alleviation of poverty is an issue which confronts governments around the world.

It began to rain heavily more than three hours ago.

I just got my first tattoo.

Today it is cold.

I can't tell you how stupid this makes me feel.

It'll take some time to get used to this.

We are collaborators in creation.

We ran all the way to the station.

I feel young.

Do you have jeans in my size?

By chance, I met your brother on the street.

We're on pretty shaky ground as it is.

Serve with vegetables and rice.

He gets on my last nerve.

Life is not fair. Get used to it.

Don't tell them I said that.

Choose your weapon.

Emet wasn't able to move those books.

Some people think eating at home is better for you than eating out.

Soohong went to Boston to meet Allen.

Roxana is inexperienced and makes extreme statements, but he's not ideological.

Even if it rains, I'll go swimming tomorrow.


Let's enjoy ourselves to our heart's content.

List is looking at the painting.

Joanne continued to get better.

Rolfe was with me at my apartment.

"I have different kinds of fruit. What do you want?" "I want one of each."

The tree is sick.

Can you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?


Sofoklis doesn't want to see you right now.

The company was started with $100,000 in capital.

Can we go to lunch now?

Jenine is very needy.

I need help here.

Lex sat down at one of the tables.

She can't make that decision.


I'd like to swim in this river.


Lucy and I have as many friends.

This table doesn't fit well here.

His wife doesn't even know why he died.

Did you know that Caroline was a friend of Nicholas's?

Stop being so emotional.


I'm guessing you already know the answer to that.

Sonja raises Arabian horses.

I'd be happy to help you if you're having trouble.

I know how difficult it is for you to admit that you are wrong.

You cannot eat your cake and have it too.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Do you ride the train to work?

He is respected by everyone.

Julianto didn't say how much it cost.

I get a headache just hearing the name "Steven."

You do have choices.

He looked confident but his inner feelings were quite different.

Either you or I am wrong.

There was a bridge there.

Pedro hasn't heard anything from Rolfe for more than three years.

I saw her die.

That boat wrecked off the coast of Chile.


"My wife is in her fifth month and she tends to have such bad moods that it's not even rational." "Fine, so what's the question?"

I'll bet you looked beautiful when you were young.

I can't bear that she should suffer so.

You'd better leave Pierette alone.

I'm giving them to him tomorrow.

George's sister made me a few sandwiches.

He comes here once a month.

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Rogue drives fast.

Go wash up before dinner.

God created the heaven and the earth.

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He moved back with his parents.

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This song contains degrading lyrics about women.


Anne comes to visit us every now and then.

Jack wouldn't let Jelske quit.

We're reasonable people.

I guess there were almost twenty kinds of cheeses on the table.

I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher, but in English.

The audience were mostly adolescents.

A black crocodile, troubling his rest, grabbed him suddenly by his rough and heavy foot.

I don't want her to see this.

The role of politics is not to avenge what has happened, but to ensure that it doesn't happen again.


Hold your tongue, or you'll be punished.

How could Donn have fallen in love with Kamel so quickly?

You see? I was right.


They only wrote idle chatter about him in the newspaper.


I'm only going to show you once.

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When's Myrick due back?

In brief, he was wrong.

You accept Rajendra's checks, so why don't you accept mine?


Strange to say, none of us noticed the mistake.


Don't put that away yet.

But by leaving the humidifier on all night in the morning condensation's pouring off the windows ...

"Do you want to know how he did it?" "I'm all ears."

We have about 300 employees.

It must also be said that spotting what is important in current science is a matter of judgement, one cannot know that one is right.

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Nothing makes one old so quickly as the ever-present thought that one is growing older.

Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine are halogens.

She is beloved by everyone.

This situation is funny.

The man is reading a newspaper.

The Jacksons are waiting.

We know that.

Carlos bought a gun.

I didn't need to understand French to know that they were angry.

Thanks for all you've done to make my special day such a memorable one.

Alvin gives us everything we want.

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This data is anything but accurate.


This train stops at every station from Nakano on.

Margaret has answered all of our questions.

A dog meets a crocodile. The crocodile says to the dog "Hello, fleabag!" The dog responds "Hello, handbag!"

The doctor asked me to wiggle my toes.

We've spent a lot of time in Boston.

The entire universe obeys love ; love, love, everything else is nothing.

Little by little, the bird made his nest.

Elric appears to be a bit worried.

I repeated his exact statement.

You have a hard day ahead of you.

Dannie was accused of collaborating with the enemy.


Would you like to go to the butterfly house with me?