Don't dwell on your past failures.

I was concentrating on reading.

Who's your favorite hip-hop artist?

She meant it.

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She made a face when she saw a dog.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

I'm a fan of German opera.

I've gotten used to it.

Put your stuff in your backpack.

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I would like some information about museums.

I'm trying to cheer you up.

Avery is too young to be doing that.


We need to persuade Harold to rest.

I'm sure you've seen everything you need to.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Surely there was some mistake.

You can trust her, she always keeps her promises.

This is the best dictionary that I have.

What does "Merci beaucoup!" in French mean?

Say nothing.

Turn that music down!

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And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in the United States. The heartache and the hope, the struggle and the progress. The times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that US creed: Yes, we can.


It has been a very nice week.

When Floria told me what Izchak looked like, he didn't tell me she was so overweight.

Jean-Christophe didn't start to play the piano until he was thirty.

Jitendra looked around the room, but no one else was there.

I've got a message for Sid.

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Did you finish the job?

I've been working on this for months.

I need to find a restroom.

I know a place we can get some money.

This is his only chance.

She attained the age of eighty one.

Every morning I read about the weather in the newspaper.

Where has Morgan been?

What is her profession?

Today, paper is used in quantity every day.

My car is a Toyota.


We must make up for lost time.

With all of his tricks he has mastered, he will be able to deal with any formidable client.

I don't even know who Vice's girlfriend is.

Can you please tell me what time the train leaves?

Did you clean your room like I asked you?


I was abashed when my mistakes were pointed out.

When it comes to love, women are experts and men eternal novices.

He is not the one; I am.

Candidness and transparency, information and communication are the basis of mutual trust.

He was billed to appear as Romeo.

Don't lean on your friends for help.

You shouldn't break your promises.


We should go inside the house.

Can you come home now?

Tanya just told us about what happened.

A foolish impulse made me say what I should have left unsaid.

She married a local boy.

One can't see through a brick wall.

Why don't you stay with me for a few days?

He's rich, so he can do anything.

They've stopped smoking.

What do we tell them?

You have to trust me.

Dwayne is more optimistic.

Since you sat on the stump, you should've given me a grand.

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Lars isn't old enough to get a driver's license.

Seven is sometimes considered a lucky number.

This year's harvest will fall short of that of last year.

Rewrite it in your copybook please.

I'm sorry, Reverend Mother.


Roberta thanked Srinivas for coming.

I don't think any of you realize the importance of this.

We don't even know when Cristi was born.

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Winnie is lying on his back, staring at the ceiling.

It will soon be dark.

Do you feel like going out for a drive in the country over the weekend?


It was an intricate scheme to defraud the rightful heirs.

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What time does the parking lot close?

Just give it a little time.

We have a problem here.

Do you think I don't know what's going on?

She quickly went up the stairs.

You were a good teacher.

No one is in the bathroom.

That's quite another thing.

Valentin asked his father to give him some money for lunch.

Brendan told me he had no time to read books.

I ought to give her a call.


She shrieked.

I know when I'm in over my head.

One of my teeth came out.

How was your date with Jean-Christophe last night?

Are we safe now?

All that has happened before, and will happen again.

He doesn't get jokes.


I did it for you.

I quit a long time ago.

They accepted the proposition.

Yesterday, there was a terrible accident on the highway.

He will get back from school by five.

Thank you for being my friend.

Could you please zip up my dress?

We'll start this afternoon.

Juergen barely touched his food.

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I can't figure out how to export my email addresses to a text file.

The blue lines on the map designate rivers.

He substituted for the injured player.

He's no more qualified than her for the job.

It's absolutely impossible.

They ran into the garden to save themselves from those blood-thirsty hounds.

What would this buy me?

That isn't my fault.

You've just been down in the dumps.

I wish I'd known.

An executive council was formed to discuss the new proposal.

Cindie has suggested a solution to the problem.

You should not speak ill of others.

Well, let's start our work.

Why did you agree to spend the evening with Ross?

"Bury me on my face," said Diogenes; and when he was asked why, he replied, "Because in a little while everything will be turned upside down."

You saw a drunk lying in the street.

I couldn't think of anything to say to Joel.

Can we turn some lights on?


I need proofs.


It costs more to make a penny, than a penny is worth.

He did not have much time to work on his speech.

I still remember the first time I was in China; I was in Shandong, and I realised that that province alone is twenty six thousand square kilometres bigger than England.

That boy looks like you.

I'm horrible at math.

The mercury plunged to minus 7 overnight.

It's not a crow. It's a raven.

Which road should I take?

If you didn't take it, who did?

Let's get started anyway.

Cris and Wayne are always arguing.

When I was small, I had a golden hamster.

There is something I must know.

I told you to meet me here.

You have lovely eyes.

We aren't married.

My children are too young to eat solid food, so I make mashed food for them every day.

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I'm just kidding you.

I don't like to talk about him.

What does that mean, anyway?

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We gave Murthy what he wanted.


Children drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air per kilogram of body weight than adults.

Many people are allergic to peanuts.

Norbert knows what would happen if he doesn't stay.

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You won't tell Hughes, will you?

I'll find out how much money Paul needs.

I'd better let you get to bed.

Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.

We didn't talk for years.

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Our characters are completely different.

The tiger licked him.

If I die, I want to die in my house.

Everyone wanted a piece of the cake.

Copying is not theft.

Why do you always wear that hat?

If you want that water pistol you'll just have to save money and buy it yourself. I can't constantly buy toys for you. I'm not made of money.

For me, it's an obscene art.

It's not necessary to do evil in order to accomplish good.

The party ended at nine.

These rich kids are lazy.


Is that my fault?

With you here beside me I'm not afraid of anything. You're my fortress.

She wore a pretty hat.


Tony was very frank.


I need to see you in my office.

The singer has a very low voice.

What do you need to tell me?

Who's dying?

I admit this may not be the best way of doing it.

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Kimmo is infuriated.