She showed me his album.

"Yea..." Dima continued, talking mostly to himself. "It's as if the author of my story got into some stupid argument, retired to Fiji, and just left me here to rot."

They're young.

Dan's pitbull attacked Linda's small dog.

Sjouke poured milk into the glass and then handed it to Barbara.

The school is equipped with four computers.

He escaped from prison.


You shouldn't text while driving.

This food will keep for a week in an airtight container.

Teruyuki is one of the bravest men I've ever known.

Mongo reached for a towel.

We're all part of the problem.


I'll make it simple.


Mount St. Helens is a volcano located in the state of Washington.

Pratapwant wasn't jealous.

Cathryn and Kristian didn't agree on anything.

A wonderful thing has happened.

Can I have some anchovies with olives?

The English are said to be a practical people.

We need to make sure you are human. What are the five first letters of your email?


I've had a cold for one week, and I still haven't got better.


Can you get it repaired?

I thought that was remarkable.

Last night saw a fire in my neighborhood.

I discouraged my sister from going out with the leader of the pack.

That's all I worry about.


Emotions are contagious.

I would like to get a blouse to go with this blazer.

Do you think Eliot will really do that?

Nobody messes with him.

Ima's life began falling apart.

Having children when you're older has both advantages and disadvantages.

How does Ramneek feel about it?


This party is great.

Clark made extremely good maps of the area.

Try that one.

Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold medal for the United States in the men's snowboard slopestyle.

This thing terrifies me.


Tell him you like him. Don't be afraid. He won't bite you.


I imagine that Knute will eventually find out that Hirofumi has been talking behind his back.

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Cris is quite a bit older than Roderick.

My assistant threatened to quit.

That was the reason.


Nancy was surprised that Bob won the first prize in the contest.

You and I are both students at this school.

Wade talks about Judge all the time.

She's a drama queen.

Is this the reason you didn't want me to come?

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The baby's name was Nicholas.

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Orville never really wanted to go with us.



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What did I trip over?

She can speak Spanish well.

He is on another line.

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Make one more effort, and you will succeed.

You're holding my hand in the photo.

I don't know how to help her.


The doctor set his broken leg.

The merchant seems to be an honest person.

We asked many persons about the new store, but no one had heard of it.

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Tricia died before the ambulance got here.

Scoot over.

I saw Howard. He was with another woman.

I have to get used to it first.

"Do you speak German?" "No, I don't."

I saw you waiting in the lobby.

I know a lot about this computer.

I've been looking all over for my shoes.

There live in this world people of all sorts of colors and manners and customs.

This small Pacific island nation is threatened by climate change.

You're going to eat it.

You're not a woman.

This sentence has seven words in it.

We have to start somewhere.

This potion is made from mandrake roots, as well as other secret ingredients.

Suu always gets up at six-thirty.

Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to watch her son growing up.


I had seen little of Cathryn lately.

Kees just won't sit down.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

I didn't order rice.

He's playing with his friends.

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I guess that will have to do.

I don't know where Jun and Syd met.

That's so tragic.

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Don't drag the table! You lift it and then you move it.

They didn't like her.

A rapper without bling is like a pope without a crucifix.

Watching TV is a big waste of time.

What is he up to?


Is there somebody you want to see?


Linder got in Edith's way.


Shuvra is going to boarding school next year.

I'd like you to try one of these cookies.

Sugih suggested a solution.

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Mongo's arms ached.

He's spotless.

There's nothing more Nicholas can say.

There can be only one explanation for that.

Olivier never goes to sleep before midnight.

Who else do you know that can speak French?

Puran Polis are made using jaggery.

How long has this been happening?

My poor grandmother is very ill now and I'm afraid she's at death's door.

Doyle didn't feel like sitting for two hours in a movie theater.

That is our baseball field.

It is evident that he did it.

I will not let the story go out.


In the old days, every child could tell the difference between good and bad.


Sanand and I went to the same high school. He was a year behind me.

Reckless driving can easily lead to an accident.

Dan asked fellow inmate Matt to supply him with a fork.


The ducks quacked.

It could take years before this bridge is ready to use.

The goal of the center should be to train young people from other countries within a specific time period.

I located the town on the map.

Jeanette had no choice but to leave.


I hope you get one soon.

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Al's going commando today.

You don't need to know how it works.

Betsy is Rebecca's business partner.

This explanation sounds confusing.

He's scared of dogs.

I'll never forget what happened here today.

Wolf and I aren't fools.

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James found a gun in the toilet tank.

He was removed from his post because he was idle.

Why did you choose me?

Milo and Marilyn said they were leaving.

Her behavior really got on my nerves.

We have only a slender chance of success.

We're going to be aggressive.

The old city is a popular tourist destination.

Are there any express trains?

Elliott is waiting to see how things will develop.


I knew I'd be unhappy here.

I feel much worse today than yesterday.

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How did you two meet?

He was dragged along by the current.

Come on Tuesday, if possible.

My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available.

A year has twelve months.

Some aardvarks can live up to ten years.

How can we tell?


Stevan did his best to stay calm.

We have always been friends.

She had some cookies to stay her hunger until dinner.


Marco got an A.

Please check the attached file.

Belgium is not as large as France.


Is this seat available?

Let someone else handle it.

I think Margot can speak French. I could be wrong, though.

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You're not my boss anymore.

I remember my parents telling me about that.

Do you have Beethoven?

I'll spend a few days at your place.

European currencies weakened against the dollar.

Why are they doing this to me?

I didn't see any children.

Hope you'll get better soon.

I was tired from the work.